Cemeteries of Muskoka District

The information on this page was gathered from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were". This book was published in 1974 and is no longer in print. It can be found at any of the public libraries in Muskoka or Parry Sound Districts. Names of individuals and their year of death is included in this book. Unfortunately, this book has many errors and does not contain any interments after 1974. If anyone can provide me with more accurate descriptions of cemetery locations, possibly including simple maps, I would appreciate it.

Note:      Takes you offsite to view the cemetery information

Township Cemetery Name Location
Brunel Brennan Henry Family Cemetery Concession 6, Lot 1
Brunel Holinshead Family Cemetery Concession 13 or 14?, Lot 22
Brunel <a href="brunel/pinegrove/">Lewis / Pine Grove Cemetery</a> Concession 9&#44; Lot 15&#44; Brittania
Brunel Lock's Cemetery Concession 13&#44; Lot 14
Brunel St. Mary's Cemeteries Concession 13&#44; Lot 14
Brunel <a href="brunel/newholm/">Newholm Holy Trinity Cemetery</a> Concession 5&#44; Lot 15
Cardwell <a href="cardwell/hekkla/">Hekkla Church Cemetery</a> Concession 7&#44; Lot 16
Chaffey All Saint's' Cemetery Huntsville Concession 3&#44; Lot 11
Chaffey Dyer Memorial Concession 7&#44; Lot 34
Chaffey Free Methodist Church Concession 5&#44; Lot 31
Chaffey Hutcheson Memorial Cemetery Hwy 11B Huntsville
Chaffey <a href="chaffey/novar/">St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery</a> Concession 14&#44; Lot 16
Chaffey <a href="chaffey/ravenscliffe/">Ravenscliffe United Church Cemetery</a> Concession 7&#44; Lot 9
Chaffey Salvation Army Cemetery Concession 3&#44; Lot 11
Chaffey St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery Concession 3&#44; Lot 10
Chaffey St. Annes' Anglican Church Cemetery
Chaffey <a href="chaffey/stjohn/">St. John the Baptist</a> Concession 7&#44; Lot 6
Chaffey St. Mary's Anglican Cemetery Concession 14&#44; Lot 26
Chaffey <a href="chaffey/brethern/">Williamsport Cemetery</a> Concession 6&#44; Lot 30
Draper <a href="draper/christ/">Christ Church Cemetery</a> Concession 10&#44; Lot 25
Draper <a href="draper/lutherin/">Gilbert Family Cemetery</a> Germania
Draper <a href="draper/lutherin/">Lutheran Church Cemetery</a> Germania
Draper Matthiasville Cemetery Concession 7&#44; Lot 18 Power Dam Matthias Village&#44; Vankoughnet Road
Draper <a href="draper/stpaulsch/">St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery</a> Uffington Road&#44; south of the village of Uffington
Draper <a href="draper/stpaulscem/">St. Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery</a> Peterson Lake Road in the village of Uffington
Draper <a href="draper/uffington/">Uffington United Church Cemetery</a> Uffington Road&#44; south of the village of Uffington
Franklin <a href="franklin/dwight/">Dwight Union Cemetery</a> Concession 10&#44; Lot 12&#44; Dwight
Franklin Major J.H. Rattray Columbarian Concession 6&#44; Lot 18
Franklin Methodist Church Cemetery - Seabreeze Concession 4&#44; Lot 8
Franklin <a href="franklin/seabreeze/">Sea Breeze United Church Cemetery</a> Concession 4&#44; Lot 8 - Sea Breeze Road
Franklin <a href="franklin/stjames/">St. James Anglican Cemetery</a> Concession 3&#44; Lot 20
Freeman <a href="freeman/indian/">Indian Cemeteries</a> On the Moon River and Gibson Reserves
Freeman MacTier Union Cemetery Highway 103 and MacTier Road
Macaulay <a href="macaulay/abandoned/">Abandoned Pioneer Cemetery</a> Concession 7&#44; Lot 22 - East of Stoneleigh on old Highway 117
Macaulay <a href="macaulay/falkenburg/">Falkenburg Union Cemetery</a> Concession 9&#44; Lot 2&#44; Highway 532&#44; Falkenburg
Macaulay <a href="macaulay/fraserburg/">Fraserburg United Church Cemetery</a> Concession 2&#44; Lot 31
Macaulay <a href="macaulay/free/">Free Methodist Church Cemetery</a> Concession 2&#44; Lot 10
Macaulay <a href="macaulay/kirk/">Kirk Cemetery</a> Concession 4&#44; Lot 9
Macaulay <a href="macaulay/langford/">Langford Cemetery</a> Concession 6&#44; Lot 11 - Corner of Highways 11 and 117 east
Macaulay <a href="macaulay/moore/">Moore Cemetery</a> Concession 10&#44; Lot 2 - Moore road to the right off highway 532
Macaulay <a href="macaulay/nicholson/">Nicholson Cemetery</a> Concession 3&#44; Lot 9 - Taylor Road
Macaulay St. Thomas' Cemetery Highway 532&#44; Bracebridge
McLean <a href="mclean/baysville/">Baysville Cemetery</a> Baysville
McLean <a href="mclean/ambrose/">St. Ambrose's Anglican Cemetery</a> Baysville
McLean <a href="mclean/george/">St. George's Roman Catholic Cemetery</a> Baysville
Medora Christ Church Cemetery Concession 9&#44; Lot 18 - Gregory
Medora Foot's Bay United Church Cemetery Concession 9&#44; Lot 2
Medora Glen Orchard Cemetery Concession 3&#44; Lot 18
Medora Port Carling Cemetery Joseph Street&#44; Port Carling
Medora St. Georges' Anglican Church Cemetery Concession 5&#44; Lot 23 - Port Sandfield
Medora St. James' Anglican Church Cemetery Concession C&#44; Lot 29 - Mortimer's Point
Medora St. Johns' Cemetery at Minett Concession 11&#44; Lot 30 - Highway 632 South from 141 at Rosseau
Monck Annie Williams memorial Concession 1&#44; Lot 1
Monck Bracebridge United Church Cemetery Concession 1&#44; Lot 1
Monck Society of St. John the Evangelist Cemetery Lot 5 and 6&#44; Cedar Street&#44; Bracebridge
Monck St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery Concession 4&#44; Lot 4 - Highway 532&#44; Bracebridge
Monck St. Mark's Anglican Church Cemetery Concession 10&#44; Lot 26&#44; Milford Bay
Monck Wesley United Church Cemetery Concession 11&#44; Lot 27&#44; Highway 118&#44; Milford Bay
Monck Ziska Ronnier United Church Cemetery Concession 5&#44; Lot 10&#44; North off Highway 118&#44; west of Bracebridge
Morrison Bethel Cemetery East side of Highway 11&#44; 2 km north of Severn Bridge
Morrison <a href="morrison/methodist/">Cooper's Falls Free Methodist Cemetery</a> Cooper's Falls Road&#44; east of Severn Bridge
Morrison <a href="morrison/pioneer/">Pioneer Lutheran Cemetery Wesley</a> Kilworthy Road
Morrison <a href="morrison/george/">St. George's Anglican Cemetery</a> Cooper's Falls Road&#44; east of Severn Bridge
Morrison <a href="morrison/symington/">Symington Cemetery</a> North west corner of Highway 11 and Kilworthy Road&#44; 8 km south of Gravenhurst
Muskoka Lakeview Protestant Cemetery Wagner Street&#44; Gravenhurst
Muskoka Legion Cemetery South Side of Mickle's Cemetery
Muskoka Mickle Memorial Cemetery Muskoka Beach Road&#44; Gravenhurst
Muskoka Muskoka Falls (South Falls) Memorial Cemetery Concession 10&#44; Lot 1&#44; East side of Highway 11&#44; north of Vankoughnet Road
Muskoka St. James' Anglican Cemetery South end of Gravenhurst
Muskoka St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery Wagner Street&#44; Gravenhurst
Oakley <a href="oakley/clear/">Clear Lake Family Burial Grounds</a> Behind Thompson Saw Mills on the Fleming Farm near the Thompson Pioneer home.
Oakley <a href="oakley/davids/">St. David's Presbyterian Church Cemetery</a> Chrysler Road&#44; Vankoughnet
Oakley <a href="oakley/stephens/">St. Stephen's Anglican Church Cemetery</a> Vankoughnet Road&#44; Vankoughnet
Ridout <a href="ridout/glenmount/">Glenmount Church Memorial</a> Glenmount&#44; Highway 117&#44; Old Highway 118 east of Highway 11&#44; Stoneleigh Road
Ridout <a href="ridout/paint/">Paint Lake Cemetery</a> Concession 10&#44; Lot 5
Ridout <a href="ridout/pioneer/">Pioneer Anglican Cemetery</a> Concession 10&#44; Lot 17 or 18
Ryde Lewisham Cemetery Lewisham Pioneer Property&#44; next to the original school house&#44; near North Langford Lake&#44; East about six mile from Barkway
Ryde <a href="ryde/barkway/">Old Barkway Cemetery</a> Concession 9&#44; Lot 15&#44; Barkway Community
Ryde <a href="ryde/ramona/">Ramona United Church Union Cemetery</a> East of Cooper's Falls along Cooper's Falls Road
Ryde <a href="ryde/ryde/">Ryde Pioneer Cemetery</a> Concession 10&#44; Lot 15&#44; Barkway
Sinclair <a href="sinclair/maplewood/">Maplewood Cemetery</a> Concession 1&#44; Lot 20&#44; Near Hillside between Highways 60 and 514
Sinclair <a href="sinclair/mizpah/">Mizpah Pioneer Cemetery</a> Concession 5&#44; Lot 1&#44; Highway 60 east of Grassmere
Sinclair <a href="sinclair/stpauls/">St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery</a> Concession 2&#44; Lot 25&#44; Grassmere
Stephenson Beatrice Anglican Church Cemetery Concession 3&#44; Lot 1&#44; Highway 141&#44; Beatrice
Stephenson <a href="stephenson/beatrice/">Beatrice Cemetery</a> Concession 2&#44; Lot 1&#44; Highway 532 and Parkersville Road
Stephenson Cairns Presbyterian Church Cemetery Concession 11&#44; Lot 24&#44; Allensville
Stephenson Christ Church Cemetery Port Sydney
Stephenson <a href="stephenson/madill/">Madill United Church Cemetery and St. Michael's Anglican Cemetery</a> Concession 13&#44; Lot 33
Stephenson Madill Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery Concession 13&#44; Lot 33
Stephenson McNicol Presbyterian Cemetery Concession 11&#44; Lot 24
Stephenson <a href="stephenson/lancelot/">St. George's Anglican Church Cemetery</a> Concession 12&#44; Lot 15&#44; Lancelot
Stephenson <a href="stephenson/stmarys/">St. Mary's Church</a> Concession B&#44; Lot 4&#44; Beatrice
Stephenson St. Michaels Cemetery Concession 13&#44; Lot 33
Stephenson Stephenson Cemetery Concession 7&#44; Lot 22&#44; Port Sydney Road&#44; East of Highway 11
Stisted <a href="stisted/ashworth/">Ashworth Anglican Cemetery</a> Concession 8&#44; Lot 19
Stisted <a href="stisted/aspdin/">Aspdin United Church Cemetery</a> Concession 3&#44; Lot 16
Stisted Chalmers Church - Bethel Methodist Church Concession 14&#44; Lot 16
Stisted Crompton Farm Burial Place Concession 5&#44; Lot 13&#44; North of Aspdin
Stisted Hopcroft Family Cemetery Concession 14&#44; Lot 27
Stisted <a href="stisted/ilfracombe/">Ilfracombe Union Cemetery</a> Concession 14&#44; Lot 27
Stisted Newman-Turley Family Burial Grounds Private Cemetery at Ashworth
Stisted St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery Stanleydale Concession 8&#44; Lot 19
Stisted St. Mary's Anglican Cemetery at Aspdin Concession 2&#44; Lot 15
Stisted St. Mary's Cemetery Concession 13&#44; Lot 15
Stisted Stisted Free Methodist Church Cemetery Concession 1&#44; Lot 31&#44; East of Aspdin
Stisted Van Luven Family Cemetery Concession 13&#44; Lot 1
Stisted Vernon Lake Free Methodist Cemetery Concession 1&#44; Lot 31
Stisted Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery Concession 1&#44; Lot 21
Stisted <a href="stisted/yearly/">Yearly Cemetery</a> Concession 13&#44; Lot 9
Stisted St. Thomas' Anglican Cemetery and Church Concession A&#44; Lot 37&#44; South of Ullswater
Watt <a href="watt/ullswater/">Two Ullswater Cemeteries</a> Concession A&#44; Lot 31
Watt <a href="watt/ulfford/">Ufford Cemetery</a> Concession 3&#44; Lot 18
Wood <a href="wood/abandoned/">Abandoned Free Methodist Church and Cemetery</a> Kilworthy Road
Wood <a href="wood/burgess/">Burgess Family Cemetery</a> Kitchener Street&#44; Bala
Wood <a href="wood/church/">Church of our Lady Anglican Cemetery</a> Kilworthy Road
Wood Spencer Family Burial Ground North side of Hurling's Point Road&#44; Bala
Wood <a href="wood/torrance/">Torrance Union Cemetery</a> East Bay Road&#44; Torrance

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