Muskoka District, Brunel Township

Pine Grove Cemetery

Pine Grove Cemetery Gate
Pine Grove Cemetery

Epitaphs were transcribed and photos were taken Oct 18, 2004

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      Tombstone Title Name Names
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image001.jpg" data-title="George &lt;br /&gt; Tucker" data-lightbox="tombstone-1"><img src="galleryThm/image001_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Tucker" /></a> Tucker Tucker &#44; George
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image002.jpg" data-title="V. R. &lt;br /&gt; BESWICK &lt;br /&gt; WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; JOSEPH R. &lt;br /&gt; BRADSHAW &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 12&#44; 1931 &lt;br /&gt; AGED &lt;br /&gt; 26 YRS." data-lightbox="tombstone-2"><img src="galleryThm/image002_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beswick" /></a> Beswick Beswick&#44; V. R.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image003.jpg" data-title="JAMES H. CROOKS &lt;br /&gt; NOV. 16&#44; 1858 &lt;br /&gt; DEC. 11&#44; 1983 &lt;br /&gt; SON OF WILLIAM &amp; ELIZABETH CROOKS" data-lightbox="tombstone-3"><img src="galleryThm/image003_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Crooks" /></a> Crooks Crooks&#44; James H.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image004.jpg" data-title="EDWARD S? &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; NOV.2 1905 &lt;br /&gt; AGED ? YRS." data-lightbox="tombstone-4"><img src="galleryThm/image004_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="s?" /></a> s? s?&#44; Edward
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image005.jpg" data-title="JOHN RICHARD &lt;br /&gt; AT &lt;br /&gt; REST" data-lightbox="tombstone-5"><img src="galleryThm/image005_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Richard" /></a> Richard Richard&#44; John
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image006.jpg" data-title="763127 PRIVATE &lt;br /&gt; W.T. BROADBENT &lt;br /&gt; 122ND BATTN C.E.F. &lt;br /&gt; 24TH SEPT 1916" data-lightbox="tombstone-6"><img src="galleryThm/image006_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Broadbent" /></a> Broadbent Broadbent&#44; W.T.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image007.jpg" data-title="MATILDA &lt;br /&gt; BROADBENT &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED &lt;br /&gt; WIFE &lt;br /&gt; OF &lt;br /&gt; THOMAS &lt;br /&gt; BROADBENT &lt;br /&gt; BORN 1860 &lt;br /&gt; DIED 1951 &lt;br /&gt; MAR. 22" data-lightbox="tombstone-7"><img src="galleryThm/image007_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Broadbent" /></a> Broadbent Broadbent&#44; Matilda
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image008.jpg" data-title="GEORGE &lt;br /&gt; LEWIS &lt;br /&gt; JULY 4&#44; 1861 &lt;br /&gt; NOV. 11&#44; 1934 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; LEWIS" data-lightbox="tombstone-8"><img src="galleryThm/image008_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Lewis" /></a> Lewis Lewis&#44; George
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image009.jpg" data-title="IN LOVING MEMORY &lt;br /&gt; OF &lt;br /&gt; ARTHUR RIPPER &lt;br /&gt; DIED APR. 26&#44; 1949 &lt;br /&gt; AT REST" data-lightbox="tombstone-9"><img src="galleryThm/image009_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Ripper" /></a> Ripper Ripper&#44; Arthur
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