Muskoka District, Cardwell Township

Hekkla Church Cemetery

Hekkla Church Cemetery Gate
Hekkla Church
Icelandic Plaque

Epitaphs were transcribed and photos were taken Oct 27, 2000

    • Table
      Tombstone Title Name Names
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image001.jpg" data-title="MCRAE &lt;br /&gt; DANIEL T. MCRAE &lt;br /&gt; JAN. 29&#44; 1935 &ndash; JULY 30&#44; 1997 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; BLANCHE G. LATOUR &lt;br /&gt; MAY 25&#44; 1935 &lt;br /&gt; THEIR SON DANIEL A. &lt;br /&gt; MARCH 12&#44; 1962 &ndash; FEB. 26&#44; 1997" data-lightbox="tombstone-1"><img src="galleryThm/image001_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="McRae" /></a> McRae McRae&#44; Daniel T. <br />Latour&#44; Blanche G.<br />McRae&#44; Daniel A.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image002.jpg" data-title="BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; WILLIAM &lt;br /&gt; 1866 - 1941 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; MARGARET &lt;br /&gt; 1880 - 1956 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt;" data-lightbox="tombstone-2"><img src="galleryThm/image002_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beirness" /></a> Beirness Beirness&#44; William<br />Beirness&#44; Margaret
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image003.jpg" data-title="MCSHEFFREY &lt;br /&gt; MERVYN J. &lt;br /&gt; DEC. 17&#44; 1921 &ndash; MAR. 1&#44; 1996 &lt;br /&gt; ELEANOR H. &lt;br /&gt; FITZSIMMONS &lt;br /&gt; NOV. 1&#44; 1914" data-lightbox="tombstone-3"><img src="galleryThm/image003_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="McSheffrey" /></a> McSheffrey McSheffrey&#44; Mervyn J.<br />Fitzsimmons&#44; Eleanor H.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image004.jpg" data-title="MCRAE &lt;br /&gt; BURTON &lt;br /&gt; MACKENZIE &lt;br /&gt; MCRAE &lt;br /&gt; MAY 25&#44; 1935 &lt;br /&gt; FEB. 8&#44; 1995 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED FATHER &lt;br /&gt; AND GRANDFATHER" data-lightbox="tombstone-4"><img src="galleryThm/image004_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="McRae" /></a> McRae McRae&#44; Burton Mackenzie
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image005.jpg" data-title="NIEDERMOSER &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; OUR FRIEND &lt;br /&gt; EMIL NIEDERMOSER &lt;br /&gt; 1904 &mdash; 1983" data-lightbox="tombstone-5"><img src="galleryThm/image005_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Niedermoser" /></a> Niedermoser Niedermoser&#44; Emil
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image006.jpg" data-title="BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; ROBERT BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; ELIZABETH CROWDER &lt;br /&gt; THEIR CHILDREN ALFRED &lt;br /&gt; MARY AND SAMUEL &lt;br /&gt; GRANDCHILD JACKIE" data-lightbox="tombstone-6"><img src="galleryThm/image006_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beirness" /></a> Beirness Beirness&#44; Robert
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image007.jpg" data-title="ALWENE &lt;br /&gt; SCHUMAN &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; GUSTAV GRENKE &lt;br /&gt; DIED APR. 23&#44; 1938 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 75 YRS &lt;br /&gt; GUSTAV GRENKE &lt;br /&gt; 1858 &mdash; 1947" data-lightbox="tombstone-7"><img src="galleryThm/image007_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Schuman" /></a> Schuman Schuman&#44; Alwene<br />Grenke&#44; Gustav
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image008.jpg" data-title="ABRAHAM A. GRENKIE &lt;br /&gt; SEPT. 14&#44; 1907 &mdash; DEC. 18&#44; 1929 &lt;br /&gt; SON OF &lt;br /&gt; MRS. MARY GONNEAU &lt;br /&gt; REST IN PEACE" data-lightbox="tombstone-8"><img src="galleryThm/image008_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Grenkie" /></a> Grenkie Grenkie&#44; Abraham A.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image009.jpg" data-title="IN &lt;br /&gt; MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; OUR DEAR FATHER &lt;br /&gt; FREDRICK &lt;br /&gt; GRENKIE &lt;br /&gt; BORN MAR. 2&#44; 1856 &lt;br /&gt; DIED JAN. 21&#44; 1923" data-lightbox="tombstone-9"><img src="galleryThm/image009_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Grenkie" /></a> Grenkie Grenkie&#44; Fredrick
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image010.jpg" data-title="EATON &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; DONALD ERIC &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 12&#44; 1931 &lt;br /&gt; HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; EDNA LORRAINE TODD &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 11&#44; 1935 &lt;br /&gt; PARENTS OF &lt;br /&gt; TODD AND ANDREA &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; IN GOD&apos;S CARE" data-lightbox="tombstone-10"><img src="galleryThm/image010_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Eaton" /></a> Eaton Eaton&#44; Donald Eric<br />Todd&#44; Edna Lorraine
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image011.jpg" data-title="GRENKIE &lt;br /&gt; GODFRIED GRENKIE &lt;br /&gt; 1822 &mdash; 1909 &lt;br /&gt; THE WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; FREDRICK GRENKIE &lt;br /&gt; 1882 &mdash; 1919" data-lightbox="tombstone-11"><img src="galleryThm/image011_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Grenkie" /></a> Grenkie Grenkie&#44; Godfried<br />Grenkie&#44; Fredrick
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image012.jpg" data-title="GRENKE &lt;br /&gt; EMIL WILLIAM GRENKE &lt;br /&gt; DEC. 21&#44; 1891 &mdash; OCT. 17&#44; 1931 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; JACOBINA EINARSON &lt;br /&gt; SEPT. 28&#44; 1894 &mdash; MAR. 8&#44; 1976 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; EVER REMEMBERED&#44; EVER LOVED" data-lightbox="tombstone-12"><img src="galleryThm/image012_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Grenkie" /></a> Grenkie Grenkie&#44; Emil William<br />Einarson&#44; Jacobina
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image013.jpg" data-title="MARY E &lt;br /&gt; BEIRNES &lt;br /&gt; BORN &lt;br /&gt; MAR. 6TH 1854 &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 16TH 1918 &lt;br /&gt; SAMUEL &lt;br /&gt; BEIRNES &lt;br /&gt; 1845 &mdash; 1926" data-lightbox="tombstone-13"><img src="galleryThm/image013_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beirness" /></a> Beirness Beirness&#44; Mary E<br />Beirness&#44; Samuel
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image014.jpg" data-title="GRENKE &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; RUDOLPH A. GRENKE &lt;br /&gt; FEBRUARY 7&#44; 1903 &lt;br /&gt; AUGUST 1&#44; 1961" data-lightbox="tombstone-14"><img src="galleryThm/image014_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Grenkie" /></a> Grenkie Grenkie&#44; Rudolph A.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image015.jpg" data-title="GEORGE J. &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; MARY LAMBERT &lt;br /&gt; 1875 &mdash; 1952 &lt;br /&gt; LAMBERT" data-lightbox="tombstone-15"><img src="galleryThm/image015_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Lambert" /></a> Lambert Lambert&#44; George J.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image016.jpg" data-title="MARY &lt;br /&gt; LAMBERT &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; GEORGE LAMBERT &lt;br /&gt; 1883 &mdash; 1960" data-lightbox="tombstone-16"><img src="galleryThm/image016_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Lambert" /></a> Lambert Lambert&#44; Mary
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image017.jpg" data-title="SCHOTSCH &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; FATHER &lt;br /&gt; GEORGE &lt;br /&gt; 1892 &ndash; 1985 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; MOTHER &lt;br /&gt; ANNA BURTZ &lt;br /&gt; 1901 &ndash; 1985" data-lightbox="tombstone-17"><img src="galleryThm/image017_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Schotsch" /></a> Schotsch Schotsch&#44; George<br />Burtz&#44; Anna
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image018.jpg" data-title="GODFREY &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; THOMAS &lt;br /&gt; GODFREY &lt;br /&gt; AUG. 29&#44; 1896 &lt;br /&gt; JULY 13&#44; 1934 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; AGNES ELIN &lt;br /&gt; LAMBERT &lt;br /&gt; AUG. 22&#44; 1907 &lt;br /&gt; SEPT. 24&#44; 1990" data-lightbox="tombstone-18"><img src="galleryThm/image018_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Godfrey" /></a> Godfrey Godfrey&#44; Thomas<br />Lambert&#44; Agnes Elin
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image019.jpg" data-title="LAMBERT &lt;br /&gt; GISLI N. LAMBERT &lt;br /&gt; 1916 &mdash; 1995 &lt;br /&gt; HIS BELOVED WIFE &lt;br /&gt; KATHERINE HAMMELL &lt;br /&gt; 1918 &mdash; 1992 &lt;br /&gt; THEIR DAUGHTER &lt;br /&gt; AUDREY MARY ANNIE &lt;br /&gt; 1941 &mdash; 1944" data-lightbox="tombstone-19"><img src="galleryThm/image019_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Lambert" /></a> Lambert Lambert&#44; Gisli N.<br />Hammell&#44; Katherine<br />Lambert&#44; Audrey Mary Anne
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image020.jpg" data-title="1951 &lt;br /&gt; KRISTINE STELLA NEWBY &lt;br /&gt; 1997" data-lightbox="tombstone-20"><img src="galleryThm/image020_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Newby" /></a> Newby Newby&#44; Kristine Stella
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image021.jpg" data-title="MARCHAND &lt;br /&gt; IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; WILFORD A. &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 29&#44; 1906 &mdash; JULY 25&#44; 1985 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; MARY PEARL SHORTT &lt;br /&gt; SEPT. 25&#44; 1905 &mdash; JULY 08&#44; 1991 &lt;br /&gt; DEAR PARENTS OF &lt;br /&gt; EARL R. &lt;br /&gt; JULY 10&#44; 1932" data-lightbox="tombstone-21"><img src="galleryThm/image021_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Marchand" /></a> Marchand Marchand&#44; Wilford A.<br />Shortt&#44; Mary Pearl<br />Marchand&#44; Earl R.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image022.jpg" data-title="A. ROY SHORTT &lt;br /&gt; 1990 &mdash; 1971 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; ETHEL V.T. HINTON &lt;br /&gt; 1903 &mdash; 1980" data-lightbox="tombstone-22"><img src="galleryThm/image022_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Shortt" /></a> Shortt Shortt&#44; A. Roy<br />Hinton&#44; Ethel V.T.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image023.jpg" data-title="MRS. SOLVEIG. G. &lt;br /&gt; EINARSON &lt;br /&gt; FADD &lt;br /&gt; 26 FEBRUAR 1858 &lt;br /&gt; DAIN &lt;br /&gt; 30 OKTOBER 1924" data-lightbox="tombstone-23"><img src="galleryThm/image023_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Einarson" /></a> Einarson Einarson&#44; Mrs. Solveig. G.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image024.jpg" data-title="BJARNI EINARSON &lt;br /&gt; 1889 &mdash; 1976 &lt;br /&gt; AND HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; PAULINE GRENKE &lt;br /&gt; 1883 &mdash; 1957 &lt;br /&gt; REST IN PEACE" data-lightbox="tombstone-24"><img src="galleryThm/image024_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Einarson" /></a> Einarson Einarson&#44; Bjarni<br />Grenke&#44; Pauline
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image025.jpg" data-title="SHORTT &lt;br /&gt; IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; RICHARD &lt;br /&gt; NOV. 24&#44; 1865 &mdash; MAR. 3&#44; 1948 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; DEAR FATHER OF &lt;br /&gt; RAY &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 16&#44; 1908 &mdash; MAR. 27&#44; 1930" data-lightbox="tombstone-25"><img src="galleryThm/image025_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Shortt" /></a> Shortt Shortt&#44; Richard<br />Shortt&#44; Ray
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image026.jpg" data-title="VERNON EMIL GRENKE &lt;br /&gt; TROOPER &lt;br /&gt; 14 CH &lt;br /&gt; 3 MAY 1997 AGE 72" data-lightbox="tombstone-26"><img src="galleryThm/image026_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Grenke" /></a> Grenke Grenke&#44; Vernon Emil
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image027.jpg" data-title="GROSS &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; JOHANN &lt;br /&gt; GROSS &lt;br /&gt; JULY 3&#44; 1905 &lt;br /&gt; JULY 11&#44; 1995 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; HERTA ANNELIESE &lt;br /&gt; SCHOTSCH &lt;br /&gt; JAN 24&#44; 1921" data-lightbox="tombstone-27"><img src="galleryThm/image027_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gross" /></a> Gross Gross&#44; Johann<br />Schotsch&#44; Herta Anneliese
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image028.jpg" data-title="EMERSON &lt;br /&gt; THOMAS J. EMERSON &lt;br /&gt; SEPT. 4&#44; 1906 &mdash; NOV. 25&#44; 1983 &lt;br /&gt; ELIZA J. EMERSON &lt;br /&gt; NOV. 6&#44; 1911 &mdash; MAR. 28&#44; 1988 &lt;br /&gt; TOGETHER FOREVER" data-lightbox="tombstone-28"><img src="galleryThm/image028_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Emerson" /></a> Emerson Emerson&#44; Thomas J.<br />Emerson&#44; Eliza J.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image029.jpg" data-title="CARL J. BEIRNESS" data-lightbox="tombstone-29"><img src="galleryThm/image029_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beirness" /></a> Beirness Beirness&#44; Carl J.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image030.jpg" data-title="ROSE EDNA &lt;br /&gt; BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; 1922 &mdash; 1985 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED MOTHER" data-lightbox="tombstone-30"><img src="galleryThm/image030_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beirness" /></a> Beirness Beirness&#44; Rose Edna
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image031.jpg" data-title="THOMAS J. BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; 1909 &mdash; 1979" data-lightbox="tombstone-31"><img src="galleryThm/image031_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beirness" /></a> Beirness Beirness&#44; Thomas J.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image032.jpg" data-title="DENNIS W. TRIBBLE &lt;br /&gt; 1935 &ndash; 1975 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED SON OF ?" data-lightbox="tombstone-32"><img src="galleryThm/image032_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Tribble" /></a> Tribble Tribblez&#44; Dennis W.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image033.jpg" data-title="MARY E. TRIBBLE &lt;br /&gt; 1900 &mdash; 1981 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; WILLIAM E. TRIBBLE &lt;br /&gt; 1897 &mdash; 1988" data-lightbox="tombstone-33"><img src="galleryThm/image033_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Tribble" /></a> Tribble Tribble&#44; Mary E.<br />Tribble&#44; William E.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image034.jpg" data-title="AT REST &lt;br /&gt; BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; JOHN T. BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; 1900 &mdash; 1977 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; VELMA L. SMITH &lt;br /&gt; 1911 &mdash; 1983" data-lightbox="tombstone-34"><img src="galleryThm/image034_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beirness" /></a> Beirness Beirness&#44; John T.<br />Smith&#44; Velma L.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image035.jpg" data-title="ROBERTS BERZINS &lt;br /&gt; 1895 9 AUG LATVIJA &lt;br /&gt; 1975 5 DEC TORONTO &lt;br /&gt; ALEKSANDRA BERZINS &lt;br /&gt; 1900 22 APRIL UKRAIN" data-lightbox="tombstone-35"><img src="galleryThm/image035_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Berzins" /></a> Berzins Berzins&#44; Roberts<br />Berzins&#44; Aleksandra
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image036.jpg" data-title="IRMA &lt;br /&gt; WILLIAMS ANDERSON &lt;br /&gt; DZ. BERZINS &lt;br /&gt; 1922 11 MAY LATVIJA &lt;br /&gt; 1984 28 OCT. ST. THOMAS" data-lightbox="tombstone-36"><img src="galleryThm/image036_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Berzins" /></a> Berzins Berzins&#44; Irma
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image037.jpg" data-title="WOLFE &lt;br /&gt; IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; GEORGE E. WOLFE &lt;br /&gt; 1919 &mdash; 1994 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; MONA M. BELL &lt;br /&gt; 1922 &mdash; 1997 &lt;br /&gt; REST IN PEACE" data-lightbox="tombstone-37"><img src="galleryThm/image037_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Wolfe" /></a> Wolfe Wolfe&#44; George E.<br />Bell&#44; Mona M.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image038.jpg" data-title="WOLFE &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; SARAH A. &lt;br /&gt; 1390 &mdash; 1945 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; FRANCIS N. &lt;br /&gt; 1886 &mdash; 1969" data-lightbox="tombstone-38"><img src="galleryThm/image038_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Wolfe" /></a> Wolfe Wolfe&#44; Sarah A.<br />Wolfe&#44; Francis N.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image039.jpg" data-title="BRUNNER &lt;br /&gt; WILLIAM G. BRUNNER &lt;br /&gt; 1905 &mdash; 1988 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; GERTRUDE PAT GAUTHIER &lt;br /&gt; 1916 &mdash; &lt;br /&gt; TILL WE MEET AGAIN" data-lightbox="tombstone-39"><img src="galleryThm/image039_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Brunner" /></a> Brunner Brunner&#44; William G.z<br />Gauthier&#44; Gertrude Pat
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image040.jpg" data-title="JANIS BERZINS &lt;br /&gt; 1889 20 JUN LATVIJA &lt;br /&gt; 1968 23 AUGUSTA" data-lightbox="tombstone-40"><img src="galleryThm/image040_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Berzins" /></a> Berzins Berzins&#44; Janis
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image041.jpg" data-title="ANNA BERZINS &lt;br /&gt; 1896 26 JUN LATVIJA &lt;br /&gt; 1988 27 JANVARI" data-lightbox="tombstone-41"><img src="galleryThm/image041_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Berzins" /></a> Berzins Berzins&#44; Anna
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image042.jpg" data-title="MACANS &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; MOTHER &lt;br /&gt; DARINKA &lt;br /&gt; 1399 &mdash; 1991 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; FATHER &lt;br /&gt; ALEXANDER &lt;br /&gt; 1889 &mdash; 1984" data-lightbox="tombstone-42"><img src="galleryThm/image042_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Macans" /></a> Macans Macans&#44; Darinka<br />Macans&#44; Alexander
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image044.jpg" data-title="MARK DALY &lt;br /&gt; 1896 &mdash; 1970 &lt;br /&gt; REST IN PEACE" data-lightbox="tombstone-44"><img src="galleryThm/image044_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Daly" /></a> Daly Daly&#44; Mark
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image045.jpg" data-title="DAD &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; PERCY MIDDLEBROOK &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 1916 &mdash; SEPT. 1987 &lt;br /&gt; FOREVER &lt;br /&gt; IN OUR HEARTS" data-lightbox="tombstone-45"><img src="galleryThm/image045_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Middlebrook" /></a> Middlebrook Middlebrook&#44; Percy
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image047.jpg" data-title="TODD &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; FANNY MIDDLEBROOK &lt;br /&gt; SEPT. 26&#44; 1904 &mdash; OCT 26&#44; 1956 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; ARCHIE TODD &lt;br /&gt; FEB. 2&#44; 1984 &mdash; SEPT. 14&#44; 1958" data-lightbox="tombstone-47"><img src="galleryThm/image047_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Todd" /></a> Todd Todd&#44; Archie<br />Middlebrook&#44; Fanny
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image049.jpg" data-title="IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; GISLI THOMPSON &lt;br /&gt; BORN DEC. 12TH&#44; 1840 &lt;br /&gt; DIED FEB. 8TH&#44; 1918 &lt;br /&gt; ALSO MARGARET T. HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; BORN JAN. 22ND&#44; 1830 &lt;br /&gt; DIED APR. 19TH&#44; 1917 &lt;br /&gt; BJORG THOMPSON &lt;br /&gt; BORN SEPT. 12TH&#44; 1813 &lt;br /&gt; DIED MAR. 6TH&#44; 1901" data-lightbox="tombstone-49"><img src="galleryThm/image049_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Thompson" /></a> Thompson Thompson&#44; Gisli<br />Thompson&#44; Margaret T.<br />Thompson&#44; Bjorg
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image050.jpg" data-title="AT REST &lt;br /&gt; ETTA &lt;br /&gt; WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; RICHARD SHORTT &lt;br /&gt; DIED JUNE 3&#44; 1927 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 59 YEARS &lt;br /&gt; HARRY J. &lt;br /&gt; DIED MAY 5&#44; 1919 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 21 YEARS" data-lightbox="tombstone-50"><img src="galleryThm/image050_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Shortt" /></a> Shortt Shortt&#44; Etta<br />Shortt&#44; Harry J.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image051.jpg" data-title="BJARNI &lt;br /&gt; SUIBJORNSON &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; MAR. 26&#44; 1896 &lt;br /&gt; AGED &lt;br /&gt; 66 YEARS" data-lightbox="tombstone-51"><img src="galleryThm/image051_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Suibjornson" /></a> Suibjornson Suibjornson&#44; Bjarni
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image052.jpg" data-title="PALL &lt;br /&gt; SUIBJORNSON &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; JAN 12&#44; 1908 &lt;br /&gt; AGED &lt;br /&gt; 87 YEARS" data-lightbox="tombstone-52"><img src="galleryThm/image052_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Suibjornson" /></a> Suibjornson Suibjornson&#44; Pall
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image053.jpg" data-title="JOAN &lt;br /&gt; WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; JACOB EINARSON &lt;br /&gt; BORN DEC. &lt;br /&gt; 28&#44; 1862 &lt;br /&gt; DIED JAN &lt;br /&gt; 7&#44; 1915 &lt;br /&gt; THEIR SON &lt;br /&gt; PAUL INGI &lt;br /&gt; BORN MAY &lt;br /&gt; 7&#44; 1891 &lt;br /&gt; DIED JULY &lt;br /&gt; 27&#44; 1905" data-lightbox="tombstone-53"><img src="galleryThm/image053_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Einarson" /></a> Einarson Einarson&#44; Joan<br />Einarson&#44; Paul Ingi
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image054.jpg" data-title="JACOB &lt;br /&gt; EINARSON &lt;br /&gt; BORN NOV &lt;br /&gt; 15&#44; 1855 &lt;br /&gt; DIED DEC &lt;br /&gt; 29&#44; 1933" data-lightbox="tombstone-54"><img src="galleryThm/image054_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Einarson" /></a> Einarson Einarson&#44; Jacob
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image055.jpg" data-title="ELIN B. &lt;br /&gt; WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; GISLE &lt;br /&gt; EINARSON &lt;br /&gt; DIED JUNE &lt;br /&gt; 5&#44; 1906 &lt;br /&gt; AGED &lt;br /&gt; 62 YEARS" data-lightbox="tombstone-55"><img src="galleryThm/image055_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Einarson" /></a> Einarson Einarson&#44; Elin B.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image056.jpg" data-title="GISLI &lt;br /&gt; EINARSON &lt;br /&gt; BORN1 AUG 1853 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; 9 OCT 1925" data-lightbox="tombstone-56"><img src="galleryThm/image056_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Einarson" /></a> Einarson Einarson&#44; Gisli
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image057.jpg" data-title="MARIA &lt;br /&gt; EINARSON &lt;br /&gt; DIED FEB. &lt;br /&gt; 15&#44; 190 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; AGED &lt;br /&gt; 76 YEARS" data-lightbox="tombstone-57"><img src="galleryThm/image057_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Einarson" /></a> Einarson Einarson&#44; Maria
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image058.jpg" data-title="IN &lt;br /&gt; MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; GEORGE &lt;br /&gt; KELLINGTON &lt;br /&gt; BORN &lt;br /&gt; SEPT. 13&#44; 1854 &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; OCT. 25&#44; 1905 &lt;br /&gt; ALSO HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; SUSANE &lt;br /&gt; BORN &lt;br /&gt; DEC. 6&#44; 1856 &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; JAN. 29&#44; 1901" data-lightbox="tombstone-58"><img src="galleryThm/image058_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Kellington" /></a> Kellington Kellington&#44; George<br />Kellington&#44;Susane
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image059.jpg" data-title="MIDDLEBROOK &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; ROY ROBERT &lt;br /&gt; 1909 &mdash; 1969 &lt;br /&gt; HUSBAND OF VELMOR" data-lightbox="tombstone-59"><img src="galleryThm/image059_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Middlebrook" /></a> Middlebrook Middlebrook&#44; Roy Robert
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image060.jpg" data-title="WILLARD T. BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; 1943 &mdash; 1975 &lt;br /&gt; LOVING HUSBAND &lt;br /&gt; FATHER AND SON" data-lightbox="tombstone-60"><img src="galleryThm/image060_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Beirness" /></a> Beirness Beirness&#44; Willard T.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image061.jpg" data-title="EDNA ELIZABETH MAE &lt;br /&gt; EMERSON &lt;br /&gt; BORN FEB 24 1939 &lt;br /&gt; DIED MAY 27 1942 &lt;br /&gt; DAUGHTER &lt;br /&gt; THOMAS AND ELIZA EMERSON" data-lightbox="tombstone-61"><img src="galleryThm/image061_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Emerson" /></a> Emerson Emerson&#44; Edna Elizabeth Mae
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image062.jpg" data-title="UNA &lt;br /&gt; GUDNASON &lt;br /&gt; DIE &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; JULY 26&#44; 1918 &lt;br /&gt; AGED &lt;br /&gt; 80 YEARS" data-lightbox="tombstone-62"><img src="galleryThm/image062_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gudnason" /></a> Gudnason Gudnason&#44; Una
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image063.jpg" data-title="MALFRIDUR &lt;br /&gt; KRISTIN &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED DAUG OF &lt;br /&gt; THOROLFUR AND &lt;br /&gt; UNA GUDNASON &lt;br /&gt; BORN AUG. 21&#44; 1871 &lt;br /&gt; DIED SEPT. 14&#44; 1950" data-lightbox="tombstone-63"><img src="galleryThm/image063_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gudnason" /></a> Gudnason Gudnason&#44; Malfridur Kristin
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image064.jpg" data-title="GUDNI &lt;br /&gt; RASANT &lt;br /&gt; GUDNASON &lt;br /&gt; BORN &lt;br /&gt; JAN. 18&#44; 1870 &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; JAN 19&#44; 1919 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED SON OF &lt;br /&gt; THOROLFUR AND &lt;br /&gt; UNA GUDNASON" data-lightbox="tombstone-64"><img src="galleryThm/image064_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gudnason" /></a> Gudnason Gudnason&#44; Gudni Rasant
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image065.jpg" data-title="IN &lt;br /&gt; MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; THOROLFUR &lt;br /&gt; GUDNASON &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 25&#44; 1898 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 58 YEARS" data-lightbox="tombstone-65"><img src="galleryThm/image065_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gudnason" /></a> Gudnason Gudnason&#44; Thorolfur
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image066.jpg" data-title="BARRY BRIAN MCRAE &lt;br /&gt; JULY 3&#44; 1947 &ndash; AUG. 16 1992 &lt;br /&gt; FATHER OF MICHAEL &lt;br /&gt; SON OF JOYCE &amp; DONALD &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; LAID TO REST IN THE HEKKLA HE LOVED" data-lightbox="tombstone-66"><img src="galleryThm/image066_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="McRae" /></a> McRae McRae&#44; Barry Brian
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image067.jpg" data-title="DIXON &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; JAMES “JIM” &lt;br /&gt; RICHARD DIXON &lt;br /&gt; DECEMBER 23&#44; 1945 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; SANDRA ELLA &lt;br /&gt; MARIE GODFREY &lt;br /&gt; MAY 17&#44; 1949 &lt;br /&gt; JULY 13&#44; 2005 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; LOVING PARENTS OF MEAGAN ERIN AND JEFFERY" data-lightbox="tombstone-67"><img src="galleryThm/image067_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Dixon" /></a> Dixon Dixon&#44; James "Jim" Richard<br />Godfrey&#44; Sandra Ella Maria
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image068.jpg" data-title="PLAMONDON &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; DONALD RONALD &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; 1937 &mdash; &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; MILDRED ROSE PECORE &lt;br /&gt; 1940 &mdash; &lt;br /&gt; DON’S DEAR SISTER &lt;br /&gt; JEANETTE MARIE &lt;br /&gt; 1928 &mdash; 2008 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; HOME WITH MY FAMILY" data-lightbox="tombstone-68"><img src="galleryThm/image068_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Plamondon" /></a> Plamondon Plamondon&#44; Donald Ronald<br />Pecore&#44;Mildred Rose<br />Plamondon&#44; Jeanette Marie
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image069.jpg" data-title="SHAW &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; SHIRLEY M. BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; 1941 &mdash; 2009 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; NEIL R. SHAW &lt;br /&gt; 1938 &mdash; &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; AT REST" data-lightbox="tombstone-69"><img src="galleryThm/image069_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Shaw" /></a> Shaw Beirness&#44; Shirley M.<br />Shaw&#44; Neil R.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image070.jpg" data-title="HOGAN &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; DENNIS J. &lt;br /&gt; 1924 &mdash; &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; MERLE B. &lt;br /&gt; 1926 &mdash; 1999" data-lightbox="tombstone-70"><img src="galleryThm/image070_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Hogan" /></a> Hogan Hogan&#44; Dennis J.<br />Hogan&#44; Merle B.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image071.jpg" data-title="HOGAN &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; TIMOTHY SHAWN &lt;br /&gt; FEB. 17&#44; 1957 &lt;br /&gt; MAR. 9&#44; 2003" data-lightbox="tombstone-71"><img src="galleryThm/image071_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Hogan" /></a> Hogan Hogan&#44; Timothy Shawn
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image072.jpg" data-title="HEKKLA PIONEER&apos;S &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; NOAH WOLFE &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; 1861 &mdash; 1905 &lt;br /&gt; MARGARET BEIRNESS &lt;br /&gt; 1855 &mdash; 1910" data-lightbox="tombstone-72"><img src="galleryThm/image072_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Wolfe" /></a> Wolfe Wolfe&#44; Noah<br />Beirness&#44; Margaret
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image073.jpg" data-title="ARMOUR &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; MICHAEL IAN &lt;br /&gt; ARMOUR &lt;br /&gt; NOV. 19&#44; 1932 &lt;br /&gt; JAN. 13&#44; 2008 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; BARBARA JOAN &lt;br /&gt; GROSS &lt;br /&gt; JAN. 4&#44; 1943" data-lightbox="tombstone-73"><img src="galleryThm/image073_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Armour" /></a> Armour Armour&#44; Michael Ian<br />Gross&#44; Barbara Joan
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image074.jpg" data-title="MATT &lt;br /&gt; EMERSON &lt;br /&gt; APRIL 28&#44; 1936 &lt;br /&gt; MARCH 22&#44; 2008" data-lightbox="tombstone-74"><img src="galleryThm/image074_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Emerson" /></a> Emerson Emerson&#44; Matt
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image075.jpg" data-title="PELLETIER &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; LAWRENCE EUGENE &lt;br /&gt; 1940 &mdash; 2002 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; LORRAINE N. EMERSON &lt;br /&gt; 1941 &mdash; &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; REST IN " data-lightbox="tombstone-75"><img src="galleryThm/image075_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Pelletier" /></a> Pelletier Pelletier&#44; Lawrence Eugene<br />Emerson&#44; Lorraine N.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image076.jpg" data-title="NICKERSON &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; DEXTER HARVEY &lt;br /&gt; 1942 &mdash; 20 &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; BRENDA LEE &lt;br /&gt; 1946 &mdash; 2009" data-lightbox="tombstone-76"><img src="galleryThm/image076_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Nickerson" /></a> Nickerson Nickerson&#44; Dexter Harvey<br />Nickerson&#44; Brenda Lee
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