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Muskoka District, Macaulay Township

Abandoned Pioneer Cemetery

Abandoned Pioneer Cemetery
Location East of Stoneleigh on old Highway 117. Lot 22 Concession 7
Status No longer in use
Oldest Known Interment 1883
Most Recent Interment 1935
Maps Macaulay Township
Directions From Bracebridge, drive north along Highway 11 to Highway 117 and turn east. Travel along Highway 117 for 4 kilometres. You will notice a side road that turns right. Follow the side road for about 2 kilometres and the cemetery will be on the left hand side. The side road eventually meets up with Highway 117 further up.


Disclaimer! The following interments was taken from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were" which was printed in 1974. There are several errors in the book and does not show any burials after 1974. The following listing is only as accurate as the printed book and has not been updated since 1974.

Francis Hugh Son of James and Jane Armstrong of Macaulay Township Died September 28th. 1893 Age 24 years. 11 months. 15 days
lane Owen Armstrong
Born 1836
Died 1916

James Armstrong
Born 1838
Died 1913
Maude E.
Daughter of Enoch and Emma
Died October 20th. 1888
Age 13 years
Jelly (see Richards)
Beatrice Jelly
Died July 7th, 1884
Age 3 months

Laura May Richards
Died March 23rd. 1884
Age 1 month
Joseph Murdock
Died July 5th, 1892
Age 72 years

Wile of Joseph Murdock
Died Nosember 5th. 1896
Age 73 years
Ella Jane
Wile of Richard Piper
Died March 28th. 1888
Age 25 years, I month. 16 days
Olivia Ann
Wife of George Piper
Died July 10th, 1883
Age 32 years. 9 months, 16 days

Also her children:
Charles Henry
Age 3 months

Age 9 months
Porter (see Richards)
Harriett E. Porter
Wife of Henry Richards
Died January 30th. 1905
Age 40 years
Andrew T. Porter
Native of Tyrone, ireland
Died June 21st, 1885
Age 71 years
Richards (see Porter)
Harriett E. Porter
Wile of Henry Richards
Died January 30th, 1905
Age 40 years

George A.
Died November. 1890
Age 6 years. 8 months

Died September 1891
Age 9 years

Died June 10th. 1893
Age 6 months

Children of H. and H. E. Richards
Richards see Jelly)
Beatrice Jelly
Died July 7th. 1884 – 3 months

Laura May Richards
Died March 23rd. 1884—1 month
George ElI
Died December 7th, 1886
Age 9 months

Children of Richard and Alice Richards
Thomas H. Richards
Died December 9th, 1893
Age 72 years

Wife of Thomas H. Richards
Died November 6th. 1896
Age 73 years
Wile of Robert Shannon
Died August 30th. 1888
Age 56 years
Thomas Sloper
Born May 28th. 1838
Died March 8th. 1935

Emma May
Wile of Thomas Sloper
Died November 26th. 1925
Age 36 years
Robert T. Thomas
Died June 1st. 1885
Age 12 days

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