Muskoka District, McLean Township

St. George's Roman Catholic Cemetery

Location Baysville
Status Baysville
Oldest Known Interment 1903
Maps McLean Township
Directions From Bracebridge, take Highway 11 north to Highway 117. Turn east onto Highway 117 to Baysville.

Disclaimer! The following interments was taken from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were" which was printed in 1974. There are several errors in the book and does not show any burials after 1974. The following listing is only as accurate as the printed book and has not been updated since 1974.

Shirley Beecher Ball
Born 1859
Died 1939

Elizabeth Baxter Lundy
Born 1867
Died 1934
Peter A. Brown
Born 1864
Died 1943

Ellen C. Deakin
Wife of Peter A. Brown
Born 1874
Died 1964

Thelma D. Green
Born 1900
Died 1903
Edward H. Deakin
Born 1843
Died 1920
Native of Newnan, England

Mary Deakin
Born January 1st, 1844
Died April 27th, 1921
John G. Gohn
Born 1912
Died 1972
Lee R. Graham
Born 1913
Died 1962
Husband of Eleanor E. Walsh
Helen A. Hazelhurst
Died November 26th, 1919

Rev. A. W. Hazelhurst
Born 1857
Died 1938
Served this mission 33 years
Mary A. Hazelhurst
Died August 25th, 1910
Age 73 years
Native of Blythe Bridge
Staffordshire, England
John L. King
Born 1874
Died 1957

Martha W. Deakin
Wile of John L. King
Born 1880
Died 1959
John Langton
Born 1874
Died 1957
Maria Massington
Died March 7th, 1915
Age 65 years
Ernest Piper
Born 1882
Died 1965

Florence E.
Born 1903
Died 1971
Richard Pipe
Born 1858
Died 1940

Rebbecca King
Wile of Richard Piper
Born 1871
Died 1933
Emma Claydon
Wife of James Preston
Born December 8th, 1838, at Baldon, England
Died April 4th, 1928

James Preston
Born February 10th, 1843. Bushire, England
Died June 25th. 1928
Haughton Lennox Reid
Born 1900
Died 1966
Charles W. Rhode
Born December 3rd, 1866
Died February 20th. 1920

Letilia Jane Rhodes
Wife of Chasles W. Rhode
Born March 1st, 1866
Died June 15th, 1930
J. Lea Roberts Sergeant
Died April 28th, 1958
Age 67

John Jones Roberts
Born January 12th, 1861
Died June 3rd. 1923
Born Mannering Farm, Chester, England

Ann Lea
Wife of J. J. Roberts
Born 1859
Died 1950

Daughter: Annie
Born 1893
Died 1958
William L. Roberts
Born 1895
Died 1966

Anne L. Street
Wile of William L. Roberts
Born 1896
Died 1966

Son: Pte. John J. Roberts
B68319, R.R. of C.
Born 1923
Died 1944
Killed in Action
James R. Smith
Great Yarmouth, England
Born November 26th, 1830
Died March 12th, 1917
Marjorie A. Winters
Born March 18th, 1897
Died March 12th. 1969
Wile of Harry W. Treadwell
J. Daniel
Born 1895
Died 1958

Born 1893
Died 1965
James Watson
Born 1884
Died 1957
Husband of Verdal Vanclieaf
George Wilkins
Husband of Etta E. Wilkins
Born January 19th. 1854
Died January 26th, 1917

Etta Elizabeth
Born 1863
Died 1949

Born 1882
Died 1966
Louise Langmaid
Born April 26th. 1888
Died April 30th, 1968
Wife of Alfred Winder

Alfred Winder
Born May 8th, 1886
Died October 18th, 1964

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