Muskoka District, Sinclair Township

Mizpah Pioneer Cemetery

Mizpah Pioneer Cemetery
Location Syndicate Road at Brook’s Mill, Highway 60 east of Grassmere. Approximately Concession 5, Lot 1
Status No Longer In Use
Oldest Known Interment 1884
Maps Sinclair Township
Directions From Huntsville, take Highway 60 heading east towards Algonquin Park. Turn north onto highway 8 past the community of Grassmere. Travel for 9.5 kilometres along Highway 8. The cemetery will be on the north side of the road just before the community of Brooks Mill.

I would like to thank Kimberley Short of Novar for the above photographs that she donated. Thank you Kim.

    • These Our Ancestors Were

      Disclaimer! The following interments was taken from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were" which was printed in 1974. There are several errors in the book and does not show any burials after 1974. The following listing is only as accurate as the printed book and has not been updated since 1974.

      Died February 19th, 1895
      Age 78 years

      His wife Mary
      Died November 17th, 1895
      Age 72 years
      Died November 3rd, 1895
      Age 44 years

      Bertha Hart
      Wife of H. Hammel
      Died November 29th, 1904
      Age 23 years. 9 months
      Died February 17th, 1891
      Age 85 years

      S. A. Ada
      Daughter of George and Catherine A.
      Died January 30th, 1896
      Age 22 years, 10 days

      Thomas Alvin
      Died September 15th, 1886
      Age 3 years, 5 months
      An Indian Grave – 1884
      Dorothy A. McGinas
      Wife of Mathew McMaster
      Died March 12th, 1885
      Age 46 years, 11 months

      Mary J. Robinson
      Wife of George Nelson
      Born 1858
      Died 1896

      Born 1893
      Died 1895
    • Table

      Epitaphs were transcribed and photos were taken October 16, 2004

      Tombstone Title Name Names
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image001.jpg" data-title="MCRAE &lt;br /&gt; DANIEL T. MCRAE &lt;br /&gt; JAN. 29&#44; 1935 &ndash; JULY 30&#44; 1997 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; BLANCHE G. LATOUR &lt;br /&gt; MAY 25&#44; 1935 &lt;br /&gt; THEIR SON DANIEL A. &lt;br /&gt; MARCH 12&#44; 1962 &ndash; FEB. 26&#44; 1997" data-lightbox="tombstone-1"><img src="galleryThm/image001_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="McRae" /></a> McRae DANIEL T. MCRAE<br />BLANCHE G. LATOUR<br />DANIEL A.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image002.jpg" data-title="coming &lt;br /&gt; soon" data-lightbox="tombstone-2"><img src="galleryThm/image002_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Header" /></a> Header Name
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image003.jpg" data-title="coming &lt;br /&gt; soon" data-lightbox="tombstone-3"><img src="galleryThm/image003_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Header" /></a> Header Name
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image004.jpg" data-title="coming &lt;br /&gt; soon" data-lightbox="tombstone-4"><img src="galleryThm/image004_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Header" /></a> Header Name
    • Gallery

      Epitaphs were transcribed and photos were taken October 16, 2004

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