Muskoka District, Wood Township

Church of our Lady Anglican Cemetery

Church of our Lady Anglican Cemetery
Location Kilworthy Road, Wood Township
Status Active
Oldest Known Interment 1936
Maps Wood Township
Directions From Highway 169, travel to Torrance which is 5 km south of Bala. Turn south onto Kilworthy Road, Highway 13. The road is rough and winding. The cemetery is located 12.5 km from Torrance on the west side of the road. The cemetery can also be approached from Highway 11. If you are travelling south along Highway 11, turn west onto Highway 19, Biers Road, about 6 km south of Gravenhurst. If you are travelling north along Highway 11, take the Sedore Road exit about 12.5 km north of Severn Bridge and follow it to Highway 19. Highway 19 will eventually meet up with Highway 13. The cemetery is approximately 18.5 km from Highway 11.

The church that is currently standing was built in 1935 to replace the original building that was built in 1924. It was built by the local people of Southwood through voluntary work. Both the cemetery and church appear to be still in use by the presence of fresh flowers and a padlock on the door which didn't show any signs of rust.

Church of our Lady Anglican Cemetery

Disclaimer! The following interments was taken from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were" which was printed in 1974. There are several errors in the book and does not show any burials after 1974. The following listing is only as accurate as the printed book and has not been updated since 1974.

Frederick Chapman
Husband of Marjorie Sterthers

Annie Chapman
Born 1860
Died May 13th. 1953
Eckford (see Tonge)
H. Allan Eckford
Born 1902

Doris R. Tonge
Wife of H. Allan Eckford
Born 1902

Their Children:
Arnold J. Eckford
Born 1926
Died 1938

Jean L.Eckford
Born 1925
Arnold James Eckford
Born April 13th, 1926
Died Dec 18th, 1938
Haynes (see Tonge)
Ellen Haynes
Born 1873
Died 1949
Lepard (see Tonge)
Arthur H. Tonge
Husband of Florence M. Lepard
Born 1910
Died 1969
Bart Martins
Born in Holland
Born 1891
Died 1963
Stuthers (see Chapman)
Marjorie Stuthers
Wife of Frederick Chapman
Tonge (see Eckford)
Doris R. Tonge
Wife of Allan Eckford
Born 1902
Tonge (see Lepard)
Arthur H. Tonge
Husband of Florence M. Lepard
Born 1910
Died 1969
Florence Eliza Tonge
Born 1875
Died 1936
Percy Walter
Born 1872
Died 1954

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