Parry Sound District, Carling Township

Carling Cemetery

The following description of the cemetery was taken from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were". Please remember that this book was published in 1974 and there may have been several changes since. Robyn Buffett.

Carling is a new Cemetery and is located on a paved road. (Dillon Road). It has two large quarry stone gate posts and one at each corner at the front of the plot. The tendancy here is to have flat tombstones at a level with the terrain and if the grass and sod is not cut away from the edges of these stones the stone will gradually sink and within two to three years will be completely covered over with grass.

Many graves have not yet had markers of any kind and It is to he hoped that a proper plot plan with number and names is being kept up to date by the Carting Township Cemetery Board.

Surname Maiden Name Given Name(s) Born Died Spouse
Bates   Carl 1930 1972  
Belanger   Delia 1903 1972  
Brown Spittlehouse Hilda 1895   J. Levern Brown
Brown   J. Levern 1895 1971 Hilda Spittlehouse
Bushey   Waverly 1915 1972 Olga Welygan
Carlson   Frederick E. 1918 1973  
Carlson   Ranchild 1917    
Crawford   Robert A. 1926 1973  
Dudas Buds Maria 1897 1972 Michael Dudas
Little   Robert E. 1917 1972  
Noseworthy   Lois 1932 1970  
Paluch   Irma 1902 1974  
Paluch Julius   1899    
Thompson   Carson 1898 1973 Christine Sime
Thompson Sime Christine 1891 1972 Carson Thompson
Wellstead   Harold J. 1892    
Wellstead Little Mary 1901 1972 Harold Wellstead
Woodard   Angus 1909 1973 Josephine Woodard
Woodard   Josephine 1913   Angus Woodard
Woodward   Donald E. 1933 1973 Audrey

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