Parry Sound District, Lount Township

Evangelical United Brethren Church Cemetery

Location East of the old Nipissing Road toward Deer Lake, Concesson 5, Lot 10
Status Unknown
Oldest Known Interment 1887
Maps Lount Township
Directions It is located 3 kilometers east of the old Nipissing Road, on the south side. Wattenwyl Lake is to the south and Deer Lake is to the north and east.
Wattenwyle, Deer Lake Cemetery
    • Our Ancestors Were

      Disclaimer! The following interments was taken from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were" which was printed in 1974. There are several errors in the book and does not show any burials after 1974. The following listing is only as accurate as the printed book and has not been updated since 1974.

      Born 1918
      Died 1962
      Anna Marie Egger
      Cheweih Dan T. Egger
      Born 1823
      Died August 1887
      Maria Fahrig
      Died April 17th, 1890
      Age 39 years, 8 months, 23 days
      Born 1847
      Died 1922

      Wife of Frederick Fahrig
      Born 1854
      Died 1932

      William – “son”
      Born 1892
      Died 1939

      Freda A.
      Born 1887
      Died 1945
      Emma B. Michell
      Wife of Frederick D. Gruenig
      Born April 8th, 1897
      Died June 24th, 1943

      Anna M.
      Born 1854
      Died 1948

      Born 1844
      Died 1915
      Born 1871
      Died 1958

      Wife of Albert Michel
      Born 1873
      Died 1934
      Albert Michael Sr.
      Died December 10th, 1909
      Age 71 years, 4 months, 28 days

      Daughter of Albert and Catherine Michel
      Died June 19th 1923
      Age 12 years, 5 months, 12 days
      Born July 7th, 1874
      Died June 30th, 1949
      Louis Frederick
      Died January 2nd, 1950
      Age 71 years, 2 months, 13 days
      Henry Reiche
      Died October 18th, 1927
      Age 83 years, 8 months, 2 days
      “Father” Henry Daniel
      Born February 1871
      Died June 1941

      “Mother” Sophie Michel
      Wife of H.D. Schneider
      Born 1872
      Died 1946
      21866 Can Army
      Died July 6th, 1944

      Mary Riuko
      Wife of Daniel Schneider
      Born September, 27th, 1870
      Died July 29th, 1953

      Daniel Sr.
      Born 1839
      Died 1909

      Wife of Daniel Sr.
      Born 1844
      Died 1927
      “Father” Alfred
      Born 1868
      Died 1950

      “Mother” Margaret
      Born 1874
      Died 1949
      In memory of our Dad
      G. J. M. Watson
      Born 1884
      Died 1941
      Son of H. and C. Williams
      Died May 20th, 1902
      Age 15 years, 6 months
    • Epitaphs

      Epitaphs were transcribed and photos were taken August 13, 2005

      Tombstone Title Name Names
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image001.jpg" data-title="IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; HENRY REICHE &lt;br /&gt; DIED OCT. 18&#44; 1927 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 83 YRS. 8 MOS. &lt;br /&gt; 2 DAYS &lt;br /&gt; HIS BELOVED WIFE &lt;br /&gt; MARIA FAHRIC &lt;br /&gt; DIED APR. 17&#44; 1890 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 39 YRS. 8 MOS. &lt;br /&gt; 23 DAYS &lt;br /&gt; GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" data-lightbox="tombstone-1"><img src="galleryThm/image001_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Fahric" /></a> Fahric Fahric&#44; Maria<br />Reiche&#44; Henry
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image002.jpg" data-title="HICKS &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; FLOYD J. HICKS &lt;br /&gt; 1935 &ndash; 1992 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; AUDREY F. MICHEL" data-lightbox="tombstone-2"><img src="galleryThm/image002_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Hicks" /></a> Hicks Hicks&#44; Floyd J
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image003.jpg" data-title="MICHEL &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; ANDREW &lt;br /&gt; 1906 &ndash; 1990 &lt;br /&gt; HIS LOVING WIFE &lt;br /&gt; FLORENCE LOUISA &lt;br /&gt; 1914 &ndash; 2001" data-lightbox="tombstone-3"><img src="galleryThm/image003_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Michel" /></a> Michel Michel&#44; Andrew<br />Michel&#44; Florence Louisa
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image004.jpg" data-title="SOHM &lt;br /&gt; GRANDPARENTS &lt;br /&gt; 1834 JOHANNES 1918 &lt;br /&gt; ANNA ELIZABETH &lt;br /&gt; 1838 FLUCKIGER 1906 &lt;br /&gt; NOT FORGOTTEN" data-lightbox="tombstone-4"><img src="galleryThm/image004_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Fluckiger" /></a> Fluckiger Fluckiger&#44; Anna Elizabeth<br />Sohm&#44; Johannes
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image005.jpg" data-title="IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; OUR DAD &lt;br /&gt; G.J.N. WATSON &lt;br /&gt; 1884 &ndash; 1941 &lt;br /&gt; AT REST" data-lightbox="tombstone-5"><img src="galleryThm/image005_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Watson" /></a> Watson Watson&#44; G.J.N.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image006.jpg" data-title="MOTHER &lt;br /&gt; SOPHIE MICHEL &lt;br /&gt; WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; H. SCHNEIDER &lt;br /&gt; 1872 &ndash; 1946 &lt;br /&gt; AT REST" data-lightbox="tombstone-6"><img src="galleryThm/image006_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Michel" /></a> Michel Michel&#44; Sophie
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image007.jpg" data-title="FATHER &lt;br /&gt; HENRY DANIEL &lt;br /&gt; BORN &lt;br /&gt; FEB. 1871 &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 1941 &lt;br /&gt; PEACE PERFECT PEACE &lt;br /&gt; SCHNEIDER" data-lightbox="tombstone-7"><img src="galleryThm/image007_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Schneider" /></a> Schneider Schneider&#44; Henry Daniel
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image008.jpg" data-title="SOHM &lt;br /&gt; ALFRED &lt;br /&gt; 1868 &ndash; 1950 &lt;br /&gt; FATHER &lt;br /&gt; MARGARET &lt;br /&gt; 1874 &ndash; 1949 &lt;br /&gt; MOTHER" data-lightbox="tombstone-8"><img src="galleryThm/image008_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Sohm" /></a> Sohm Sohm&#44; Alfred<br />Sohm&#44; Margaret
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image009.jpg" data-title="SOHM &lt;br /&gt; IDA &lt;br /&gt; 1918 &ndash; &lt;br /&gt; WILLARD &lt;br /&gt; 1919 &ndash; 1988" data-lightbox="tombstone-9"><img src="galleryThm/image009_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Sohm" /></a> Sohm Sohm&#44; Ida<br />Sohm&#44; Willard
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image010.jpg" data-title="SOHM &lt;br /&gt; GEORGE &lt;br /&gt; 1912 &ndash; 1978 &lt;br /&gt; HIS WIF &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; ELSIE M. &lt;br /&gt; 1920" data-lightbox="tombstone-10"><img src="galleryThm/image010_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Sohm" /></a> Sohm Sohm&#44; Elsie M.<br />Sohm&#44; George
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image011.jpg" data-title="FATHER &lt;br /&gt; MICHEL &lt;br /&gt; ALBERT VICTOR &lt;br /&gt; MAY 24&#44; 1913 &lt;br /&gt; FEB. 27&#44; 1987 &lt;br /&gt; LOVED BY PAUL" data-lightbox="tombstone-11"><img src="galleryThm/image011_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Michel" /></a> Michel Michel&#44; Albert Victor
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image012.jpg" data-title="MILES &lt;br /&gt; BEATRICE MICHEL &lt;br /&gt; 1916 &ndash; 2001 &lt;br /&gt; WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt; CYRIL &lt;br /&gt; 1922 &ndash; 2003 &lt;br /&gt; EVER REMEMBERED EVER LOVED" data-lightbox="tombstone-12"><img src="galleryThm/image012_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Michel" /></a> Michel Michel&#44; Beatrice<br />Miles&#44; Cyril
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image013.jpg" data-title="MICHEL &lt;br /&gt; ALBERT &lt;br /&gt; 1871 &ndash; 1958 &lt;br /&gt; HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; CATHERINE &lt;br /&gt; 1872 &ndash; 1934" data-lightbox="tombstone-13"><img src="galleryThm/image013_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Michel" /></a> Michel Michel&#44; Albert<br />Michel&#44; Catherine
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image014.jpg" data-title="IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; ALBERT MICHEL SR. &lt;br /&gt; DIED DEC. 10&#44; 1909 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 71 YRS. 4 MOS 23 DAYS &lt;br /&gt; BERTHA DAUGHTER OF &lt;br /&gt; ALBERT &amp; CATHERINE &lt;br /&gt; MICHEL &lt;br /&gt; DIED JUNE 19&#44; 1923 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 12 YRS. 5 MOS 12 DYS. &lt;br /&gt; CHRIST IS MY HOPE" data-lightbox="tombstone-14"><img src="galleryThm/image014_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Michel" /></a> Michel Michel&#44; Albert Sr.<br />Michel&#44; Bertha
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image015.jpg" data-title="IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; ADOLPH MICHEL &lt;br /&gt; BORN JULY 7&#44; 1874 &lt;br /&gt; DIED JUNE 30&#44; 1949 &lt;br /&gt; MICHEL" data-lightbox="tombstone-15"><img src="galleryThm/image015_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Michel" /></a> Michel Michel&#44; Adolph
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image016.jpg" data-title="SOHM &lt;br /&gt; 1860 EMMA 1881 &lt;br /&gt; 1870 BERTHA 1890 &lt;br /&gt; 1873 JAKOB 1901" data-lightbox="tombstone-16"><img src="galleryThm/image016_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Sohm" /></a> Sohm Sohm&#44; Bertha<br />Sohm&#44; Emma<br />Sohm&#44; Jakob
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image017.jpg" data-title="IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; HENRY SON OF &lt;br /&gt; H. &amp; E. WILLIAMS &lt;br /&gt; DIED MAY 20&#44; 1902 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 15 YEARS 6 MOS." data-lightbox="tombstone-17"><img src="galleryThm/image017_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Williams" /></a> Williams Williams&#44; Henry
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image018.jpg" data-title="ANNA MARIA EGGER &lt;br /&gt; 1823 &ndash; 1887" data-lightbox="tombstone-18"><img src="galleryThm/image018_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Egger" /></a> Egger Egger&#44; Anna Maria
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image019.jpg" data-title="FAHRIG &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY &lt;br /&gt; OF &lt;br /&gt; FREDERICK &lt;br /&gt; 1847 &ndash; 1922 &lt;br /&gt; HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; WILHELMINA &lt;br /&gt; 1854 &ndash; 1932 &lt;br /&gt; THEIR SONS &lt;br /&gt; WILLIAM &lt;br /&gt; 1892 &ndash; 1939 &lt;br /&gt; FRED A. &lt;br /&gt; 1887 &ndash; 1945" data-lightbox="tombstone-19"><img src="galleryThm/image019_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Fahric" /></a> Fahric Fahric&#44; Fred A.<br />Fahric&#44; Frederick<br />Fahric&#44; Wilhelmina<br />Fahric&#44; William
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image020.jpg" data-title="SCHNEIDER &lt;br /&gt; DANIEL SR. &lt;br /&gt; 1839 &ndash; 1909 &lt;br /&gt; HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; CATHERINE &lt;br /&gt; 1844 &ndash; 1927" data-lightbox="tombstone-20"><img src="galleryThm/image020_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Schneider" /></a> Schneider Schneider&#44; Catherine<br />Schneider&#44; Daniel Sr.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image021.jpg" data-title="SCHNEIDER &lt;br /&gt; DANIEL &lt;br /&gt; APRIL 2&#44; 1866 &lt;br /&gt; JULY 3&#44; 1944 &lt;br /&gt; HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; MARY REICHE &lt;br /&gt; SEPT. 27&#44; 1870 &lt;br /&gt; JULY 29&#44; 1953 &lt;br /&gt; EVER REMEMBERED" data-lightbox="tombstone-21"><img src="galleryThm/image021_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Reiche" /></a> Reiche Reiche&#44; Mary<br />Schneider&#44; Daniel
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image022.jpg" data-title="GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; ANNA M. &lt;br /&gt; 1864 &ndash; 1948 &lt;br /&gt; DAVID &lt;br /&gt; 1844 &ndash; 1915" data-lightbox="tombstone-22"><img src="galleryThm/image022_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gruenig" /></a> Gruenig Gruenig&#44; Anna M.<br />Gruenig&#44; David
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image023.jpg" data-title="GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; OUR DEAR PARENTS &lt;br /&gt; EMMA BARBARA &lt;br /&gt; MICHAEL GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; APRIL 8&#44; 1897 &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 24&#44; 1943 &lt;br /&gt; FREDERICK DAVID &lt;br /&gt; GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; SEPTEMBER 19&#44; 1886 &lt;br /&gt; AUGUST 16&#44; 1981 &lt;br /&gt; MAY THEY REST IN PEACE" data-lightbox="tombstone-23"><img src="galleryThm/image023_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gruenig" /></a> Gruenig Gruenig&#44; Emma Barbara Michael<br />Gruenig&#44; Frederick David
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image024.jpg" data-title="GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; ERNEST JOHN &lt;br /&gt; SEPTEMBER 29&#44; 1921 &ndash; JULY 7&#44; 2001 &lt;br /&gt; FOUGHT FOR PEACE AND FREEDOM &lt;br /&gt; NOW AT REST AND FREE FOREVER &lt;br /&gt; IFIDA HUNT CAMP CHIEF STORY TELLER" data-lightbox="tombstone-24"><img src="galleryThm/image024_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gruenig" /></a> Gruenig Gruenig&#44; Ernest John
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image025.jpg" data-title="GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; FRED W. GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; FEB. 5&#44; 1919 &ndash; OCT. 9&#44; 1989 &lt;br /&gt; FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS" data-lightbox="tombstone-25"><img src="galleryThm/image025_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gruenig" /></a> Gruenig Gruenig&#44; Fred W.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image026.jpg" data-title="ANNE &lt;br /&gt; CAMERON &lt;br /&gt; GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; 1917 &ndash; 1977 &lt;br /&gt; IN &lt;br /&gt; LOVING MEMORY" data-lightbox="tombstone-26"><img src="galleryThm/image026_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gruenig" /></a> Gruenig Gruenig&#44; Ann Cameron
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image027.jpg" data-title="CAMERON &lt;br /&gt; ROSEMARY &lt;br /&gt; BARBARA &lt;br /&gt; 1951 &ndash; 1994 &lt;br /&gt; LOVE YOU ROSEMARY &lt;br /&gt; &ndash; DAD" data-lightbox="tombstone-27"><img src="galleryThm/image027_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Cameron" /></a> Cameron Cameron&#44; Rosemary Barbara
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image028.jpg" data-title="JOHN A. &lt;br /&gt; CAMERON &lt;br /&gt; 1916 &ndash; 1996" data-lightbox="tombstone-28"><img src="galleryThm/image028_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Cameron" /></a> Cameron Cameron&#44; John A.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image029.jpg" data-title="McKEEN &lt;br /&gt; MARY E. &lt;br /&gt; 1920 &ndash; &lt;br /&gt; FRANK R. E. &lt;br /&gt; 1906 &ndash; 1997 &lt;br /&gt; IN LOVING MEMORY &lt;br /&gt; HE LEADETH ME &lt;br /&gt; BESIDE THE STILL WATERS" data-lightbox="tombstone-29"><img src="galleryThm/image029_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="McKeen" /></a> McKeen McKeen&#44; Frank R. E.<br />McKeen&#44; Mary E.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image030.jpg" data-title="GRUNIG &lt;br /&gt; FRANCISKA V. &lt;br /&gt; NEE BROWN &lt;br /&gt; AUG. 18&#44; 1946 &lt;br /&gt; DEC. 27&#44; 1994" data-lightbox="tombstone-30"><img src="galleryThm/image030_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Grunig" /></a> Grunig Grunig&#44; Franciska V.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image031.jpg" data-title="GRUNIG &lt;br /&gt; CECIL C. &lt;br /&gt; GRUNIG &lt;br /&gt; 1915 &ndash; &lt;br /&gt; MAE V. &lt;br /&gt; MORRIS &lt;br /&gt; 1918 &ndash; &lt;br /&gt; LOVING PARENTS OF DANIEL AND MARY" data-lightbox="tombstone-31"><img src="galleryThm/image031_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Grunig" /></a> Grunig Grunig&#44; Cecil C.<br />Morris&#44; Mae V.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image032.jpg" data-title="WAYNE L. WEAVER &lt;br /&gt; 1952 &ndash; 1994 &lt;br /&gt; ALWAYS LOVED &lt;br /&gt; JAMIE + JESSICA" data-lightbox="tombstone-32"><img src="galleryThm/image032_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Weaver" /></a> Weaver Weaver&#44; Wayne L.
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image033.jpg" data-title="BRANDT &lt;br /&gt; GEORGE BRANDT &lt;br /&gt; 1952 &ndash; 1996 &lt;br /&gt; A SPECIAL FRIEND &lt;br /&gt; LOVED BY &lt;br /&gt; ALL WHO KNEW HIM" data-lightbox="tombstone-33"><img src="galleryThm/image033_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Brandt" /></a> Brandt Brandt&#44; George
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image034.jpg" data-title="GRUENIG &lt;br /&gt; 1928 ELEANOR 2003 &lt;br /&gt; HER HUSBAND &lt;br /&gt; 1925 VERNON 2003 &lt;br /&gt; EVER REMEMBERED &lt;br /&gt; EVER LOVED" data-lightbox="tombstone-34"><img src="galleryThm/image034_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Gruenig" /></a> Gruenig Gruenig&#44; Eleanor<br />Gruenig&#44; Vernon
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image035.jpg" data-title="Hier &lt;br /&gt; Ruht die licbe &lt;br /&gt; Frau und Mintter &lt;br /&gt; Dorothen &lt;br /&gt; Gehmran &lt;br /&gt; Heborene Reif &lt;br /&gt; 6 Juli 1915 &lt;br /&gt; 5 Juni 1997" data-lightbox="tombstone-35"><img src="galleryThm/image035_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Heborene" /></a> Heborene Heborene&#44; Dorothen Gehmran
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image036.jpg" data-title="BASS &lt;br /&gt; IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; JAMES BASS &lt;br /&gt; 1908 &ndash; 1955 &lt;br /&gt; HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; AGNES SCHNEIDER &lt;br /&gt; 1914" data-lightbox="tombstone-36"><img src="galleryThm/image036_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Bass" /></a> Bass Bass&#44; James<br />Schneider&#44; Agnes
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image037.jpg" data-title="AT REST &lt;br /&gt; SCHNEIDER &lt;br /&gt; IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; DANIEL &lt;br /&gt; APRIL 6&#44; 1911 &lt;br /&gt; MAY 13&#44; 1985 &lt;br /&gt; SON OF DANIEL &amp; MARY" data-lightbox="tombstone-37"><img src="galleryThm/image037_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Schneider" /></a> Schneider Schneider&#44; Daniel
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image038.jpg" data-title="STOVER &lt;br /&gt; ESTER JANE &lt;br /&gt; (WHITE) &lt;br /&gt; JANUARY 15&#44; 1928 &lt;br /&gt; JOHN &lt;br /&gt; DOUGLAS &lt;br /&gt; MARCH 8&#44; 1952 &lt;br /&gt; JUNE 23&#44; 1990 &lt;br /&gt; FREDERICK &lt;br /&gt; THOMAS &lt;br /&gt; MAY 8&#44; 1925" data-lightbox="tombstone-38"><img src="galleryThm/image038_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Stover" /></a> Stover Stover&#44; Frederick Thomas<br />Stover&#44; John Douglas<br />White&#44; Ester Jane
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image039.jpg" data-title="WUILLEME &lt;br /&gt; T. H. ( HARRY) &lt;br /&gt; WUILLEME &lt;br /&gt; 1919 &ndash; 1993" data-lightbox="tombstone-39"><img src="galleryThm/image039_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Wuilleme" /></a> Wuilleme Wuilleme&#44; T.H. (Harry)
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image040.jpg" data-title="WUILLEME &lt;br /&gt; LOUIS FREDERICK &lt;br /&gt; 1891 &ndash; 1962 &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED HUSBAND OF &lt;br /&gt; ELLEN (NELLIE) WHITE &lt;br /&gt; 1889 &ndash; 1984" data-lightbox="tombstone-40"><img src="galleryThm/image040_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="White" /></a> White White&#44; Ellen (Nellie)<br />Wuilleme&#44; Louis Frederick
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image041.jpg" data-title="DETTA &lt;br /&gt; LLOYD &lt;br /&gt; 1918 &ndash; 1962" data-lightbox="tombstone-41"><img src="galleryThm/image041_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Detta" /></a> Detta Detta&#44; Lloyd
    • Gallery

      Epitaphs were transcribed and photos were taken August 13, 2005

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