Parry Sound District, Spence Township

Orange Valley Road Cemetery

Orange Valley Road Cemetery
    • Epitaphs

      Epitaphs were transcribed and photos were taken July 23, 2005

      Tombstone Title Name Names
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image001.jpg" data-title="FRANCES E. &lt;br /&gt; DIED DEC. 7&#44; 1888 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 5 MOS. &lt;br /&gt; VICTORIA H. &lt;br /&gt; DIED JUNE 24&#44; 1897 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 2 DYS. &lt;br /&gt; CHILDREN OF &lt;br /&gt; ALFRED &amp; LILY &lt;br /&gt; WARK" data-lightbox="tombstone-1"><img src="galleryThm/image001_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Wark" /></a> Wark Frances E. Wark<br />Victoria H. Wark
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image002.jpg" data-title="IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; ROBERT B. &lt;br /&gt; DIED NOV. 8&#44; 1886 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 13 YRS. &amp; 6 MOS. &lt;br /&gt; ALSO &lt;br /&gt; FRANCES J. &lt;br /&gt; DIED NOV. 10&#44; 1886 &lt;br /&gt; CHILDREN OF &lt;br /&gt; ANDREW &amp; FRANCES &lt;br /&gt; WARK" data-lightbox="tombstone-2"><img src="galleryThm/image002_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Wark" /></a> Wark Robert B. Wark<br />Frances J. Wark
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image003.jpg" data-title="IN MEMORY &lt;br /&gt; OF &lt;br /&gt; ANDREW &lt;br /&gt; WARK &lt;br /&gt; DIED &lt;br /&gt; APR. 25&#44; 1892 &lt;br /&gt; AGED &lt;br /&gt; 58 YRS" data-lightbox="tombstone-3"><img src="galleryThm/image003_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Wark" /></a> Wark Andrew Wark
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image004.jpg" data-title="WARK &lt;br /&gt; ALFRED JACKSON &lt;br /&gt; 1860 &ndash; 1937 &lt;br /&gt; (WIFE) &lt;br /&gt; ELIZABETH &lt;br /&gt; (LILY) FRY &lt;br /&gt; 1863 &ndash; 1947 &lt;br /&gt; (THEIR SON) &lt;br /&gt; ROBERT &lt;br /&gt; BRUCE &lt;br /&gt; 1894 &ndash; 1956" data-lightbox="tombstone-4"><img src="galleryThm/image004_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Wark" /></a> Wark ALfred Jackson Wark<br />Elizabeth (Lily) Fry<br />Bruce Wark
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image005.jpg" data-title="IN MEMORY OF &lt;br /&gt; JOHN PLETZER &lt;br /&gt; DIED AUG. 14&#44; 1925 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 75 YEARS &lt;br /&gt; HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; JOSEPHINE &lt;br /&gt; DIED AUG. 19&#44; 1925 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 70 YEARS &lt;br /&gt; THEIR SON &lt;br /&gt; JOHN &lt;br /&gt; AGED 8 YEARS" data-lightbox="tombstone-5"><img src="galleryThm/image005_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Pletzer" /></a> Pletzer John Pletzer<br />Josephine Pletzer<br />John Pletzer
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image006.jpg" data-title="HENRY PLETZER &lt;br /&gt; DIED MAY 29&#44; 1931 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 73 YRS. 4 MOS. 4 DS. &lt;br /&gt; HIS WIFE &lt;br /&gt; EMMA PLETZER &lt;br /&gt; DIED SEPT. 19&#44; 1926 &lt;br /&gt; AGED 62 YRS. 3 MOS. 21 DS. &lt;br /&gt; PLETZER" data-lightbox="tombstone-6"><img src="galleryThm/image006_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Pletzer" /></a> Pletzer Henry Pletzer<br />Emma Pletzer
      <a class="tombstone-image-link" href="galleryImg/image007.jpg" data-title="SARAH &lt;br /&gt; BELOVED WIFE OF &lt;br /&gt; WM. PLETZER &lt;br /&gt; 1898 &ndash; 1934 &lt;br /&gt; REST IN THE LORD &lt;br /&gt; PLETZER" data-lightbox="tombstone-7"><img src="galleryThm/image007_thumb.jpg" width="180" height="120" alt="Pletzer" /></a> Pletzer Sarah Pletzer
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      Epitaphs were transcribed and photos were taken July 23, 2005

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