Census Index for District of Parry Sound

Township Census Year See Also
1871 1881 1891
Armour na C-13244 T-6354 Ryerson
Bethune na C-13243 T-6354 Chaffey
Blair na na T-6354  
Brown na na T-6354  
Burton na na T-6354  
Carling na C-13244 T-6354 Ferguson
Chapman na C-13244 T-6354 Joly and Strong
Christie na C-13244 T-6355 Monteith
Conger C-10023 C-13243 T-6354 Humphrey
Cowper na C-13243 T-6354 Foley
Croft na C-13244 T-6354 Spence
East Burpee na C-13244 T-6354 Barrie Is., Ferguson and Robinson
East Mills na C-13244 T-6354 McKenzie
Ferguson na C-13244 T-6354 Burpee and Carling
Ferrie na C-13244 T-6354 McKenzie
Foley na C-13243 T-6354 Cowper and McDougall
Gurd na C-13244 T-6354 Pringle
Hagerman na C-13244 T-6355 McKellar
Hardy na C-13244 T-6354 McKenzie
Harrison na na T-6354  
Henvey na na na  
North Himsworth na C-13244 T-6354  
South Himsworth na na T-6354 Pringle
Humphrey C-10023 C-13243 T-6355 Conger and Medora
Joly na C-13244 T-6355 Chapman
Laurier na C-13244 T-6355 Lount/Lunt
Lount na C-13244 T-6355 (1881) Laurier, Machar
Machar na C-13244 T-6355 Lount/Lunt
McConkey na C-13244 T-6355 McKenzie
McDougall na C-13243 T-6355 Foley
McKellar na C-13244 T-6355 Hagerman
McKenzie na C-13244 T-6354 Ferrie, Hardy, East Mills, Wilson and McConkey
McMurrich na C-13244 T-6355 Stisted
Monteith na C-13244 T-6355 Christie
Mowat na na T-6354  
Nipissing C-10022 C-13244 T-6355 Pringle
Patterson na na T-6354  
Perry na C-13243 T-6354 Chaffey
Pringle na C-13244 T-6354 Gurd, Himsworth
Proudfoot na C-13243 T-6354 Chaffey
Ryerson na C-13244 T-6354 Armour
Shawanaga na C-13244 T-6354 Lakeshore(1881)
Spence na C-13244 T-6355 Croft
Strong na C-13244 T-6355 Chapman
Sundridge na na T-6355  
Wallbridge na na T-6354  
Wilson na na T-6354 McKenzie