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Surname Given Date of Birth Date of Death Cemetery ID
EASTAUGH Walter 1923 Jan 31 1991 KKU
EASTAUGH Walter 1923 Jan 31 1991 KKU
Eaton Selby (Clayton) 1944 1969 PLA
ECK Alberta josephine (eck) daultrey May 26 1936 1980 SME
EDWARD Philip Mar 01 1895 SME
Edwards Beatrice Gertrude (Lockman) 10/27/1892 03/03/1986 PLA
Edwards Priscilla Eliza 04-Apr-04 RPI
ELLIS Huldah s 1880 1936 SJN
Ellis Mrs. OBA
EMERY Elizabeth joan 'betty' (ayres) emery Feb 23 1938 Aug 23 1993 SME
EMRICK Hazel v. (emrick) kirkby 1897 1972 SLP
ENGLAND Grace w. (england) boice 1908 Aug 24 1981 KKU
ENGLISH Jean may (english) fetterley Jan 10 1923 Oct 11 2001 KKU
ERBIDA Johanna juliana (erbida) quinn 1914 1972 KKU
ERVEN Sophia e. (taylor) erven March 9 1904 SIL
EVENS Abigal (evens) irwin 1842 1919 KKU

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