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Surname Given Date of Birth Date of Death Cemetery ID
QUINN Frances e. (quinn) o'neil 1926 1991 SPR
QUINN Johanna juliana (erbida) quinn 1914 1972 KKU
QUINN Mary eva quinn 1923 Oct 06 2003 SME
QUINN Thomas j. Mar 12 1917 Oct 15 1975 SPR
QUINN William thomas 1904 Feb 9 1996 KKU
QUIRT Frances ann (quirt) hawthorne 1874 1951 SJN
QUIRT John h. Dec 15 1917 Nov 4 1944 SJN
QUIRT John harvey Apr 19 1882 July 25 1945 SJN
QUIRT Marcia Sept 20 1927 Aug 30 1928 SJN
QUIRT Mavis evelyn Apr 25 1920 June 1 1920 SJN
QUIRT Sarah (quirt) rolston Feb 25 1904 SJN

Cemetery ID

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