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Muskoka, Parry Sound Genealogy Group - General Inquiries

General Inquiries

If you are interested in responding to a posted inquiry you can respond by first clicking the comments link immediately below the particular inquiry you are interested in. To open the form just click the Hide or Show Button button.

General inquiries can be sent to Jane_ObscureMyEmail for inclusion in the club newsletter. Please remember that not all club members have internet access and depend on the club newsletter for inquiries and responses. If you have an inquiry posted on this page, please check to see if it is correct.

General inquiries will be posted in chronological order of their submission date. The most recent inquiries will be at the top and the oldest at the bottom. This makes it easier to identify new submissions. If you want to post an inquiry regarding surname interests, then go to the Surname Inquiry Page.

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Jim McCallum

Looking for burial location and/or obituaries for sisters Violet Hayward and Pearl Bellaire of Parry Sound. Both died before 2000. Maiden name was Cousins.

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Kate Johnson

WALTER THOMAS JOHNSON: FAITH: Anglican OCCUPATION: Welder, Rigger, Iron worker, laborer DOB: *APPROX 1936 Mount Hope, Wentworth, Hamilton PARENTS MARRIED ON July 16TH 1934, in Wentworth, United Church of Canada FATHER: ALBERT HENRY JOHNSON, DOB: May 26, 1913 Hamilton, Ontario *( SON of THOMAS JOHNSON & MARY ANN EAGLE ) MOTHER: EDITH ELIZABETH TURLAND, DOB: 1916 Hamilton, Ontario * ( DAUGHTER of JOHN HENRY WALTER TURLAND & EDITH *HEATHCOTE of England) PARENTS DIVORCED ON June 30th, 1954 KNOWN RESIDENCE: 138 Campbell Ave, Hamilton EDITH ELIZABETH ( remarried ROSS ALEXANDER YOUNG ) Ross had a son from 1st wife Deceased* HAROLD ROGER YOUNG 1936-1960 May 30 Other known locations : Parry Sound, Glanford, Binbrook, UNCONFIRMED * Walter had brothers and sisters also * He was of aboriginal heritage * During the construction of the Hamilton Eaton Co. building in 1960*ish he fell to his death. ( note his step/half brother also died in 1960? I also seen this during my searches Inline images 1 If you have any information I deeply request your time to forward it along to me. My many thanks in advance

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Charlene Schneider (Elliott)

Hi! Looking for any information on George John Elliott(b 1819) married Irene Archibald in 1857 and moved to Huntsville Muskoka shortly after and lived there all their lives. I am at a dead end in trying to find his parents or siblings. I have alot of information on Irene. He died in 1892 and his buried at Madill Cemetery with some of his family. I know he built McGrandle's hotel the first frame building there. ANY information would be so much appreciated! Thank you! He is my 2nd great grandfather!

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Rob Wakelin

Does a transcription exist for Lakeview Cemetery in Gravenhurst? If so, could somebody possibly do a look-up for me, for George Russell, b. 1830, d. Jan 25, 1923, husband of Eliza Reid. Thanks!

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James Noble Kennedy

James Noble Kennedy was accidentally drowned with three other men on 30 June 1899 at Parry Sound, leaving a widow Charlotte (nee Chester), a 2-year-old son, and it is believed one other child. What was the cause of the accident, and is it known what happened to his widow and small children? His son Harvey James Kennedy was my mother's first husband., and father of my half-brother Ronald and half-sister Thelma (both now deceased).

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Coleen Krawchuk

Do you know if the publication "The People of South Himsworth" is still available? Is there a phone number that I could call to order same? Any help would be appreciated.

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Susan Lockhart

We have lived in the 4 Cornors House in Utterson for 3 years now and hope to find out some history. Specifically if it was ever in a Guiness Worldbook or Rippleys Believe it or Not.. If so does anyone have that publication I can purchase. I know James Appolony lived and work out of the house and ran an ice cream shop. Any memories or information would be appreciated

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Dave McDonald

I am hoping to receive information regarding a 'James Wilson . Beleque' family. The family built a church somewhere in the Parry Sound area. Apparently the church is still standing and if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.

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Jen Sguigna

I'm hoping to get in touch with any remaining family members (siblings, nieces/nephews) of Robert George Smith, b 15 June 1924 and d 23 November 1943. Robert was a guardsman with the Canadian Grenadier Guards, and died in an accident while serving overseas. From the page on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial (, I know that Robert's parents were James Le Roy Smith (Roy) and Pearl Martha Pelina Smith. He had a brother named Bill, and three sisters named Alice, Ellen and Florence. Florence has a son named Bob.

I have information I believe may be of interest to the family, and would greatly appreciate any help that could be given in putting me in touch with them.

Thank you.

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Brian Hutchison
(Nanaimo, BC)

I am looking for a Florence "Carol" Smith-White , last known to be living in Orrville/Parry Sound, ON. Carol is a distant cousin of mine and I have lost touch with her. She was married to the late James Kenneth White (d. 2015) and has three sons (Rob, Ian and Vance) I believe that she may be on your Board in some capacity or be a member.. I would like to reconnect with he if possible as she appears to have moved from the last address that I have. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide!

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William Giles

I was looking for information about the former S.S. No 5 Kay School in Port Sydney. I have found info in Gary Denniss book. Many thanks Bill

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Chelsea Dill


I am a descendant of Jacob William Dill, he is my four times great grandfather. I am trying to find out who his parents were and ideally find out when the family came to Canada and from where. If anyone could help me with where to find birth records, that would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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Margaret Abram

I'm researching my grandmother's family, last name Duval from the Bracebridge area. Her name was Mary Selina Duval and her parents were Onesime "John" Duval and Mary Flavie Duval nee Rouille. They were from Quebec, and were Roman Catholic attending St. Joseph Church in Bracebridge.

I've found them on the 1881 census for Bracebridge, but their last name was entered incorrectly as "Gervan". I found them by going through the census page by page. They were listed as Onesime, Mary, Joseph, Napoleon, M.C.Gervan.

The 1891 census seems to have different districts than the 1881. Could you please help me find them on the 1891 census as well as anything about the family. Thank you for any help you might be able to provide me with.

Margaret Abram

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Diane Shaw

Would some kind soul look up an obit for me in either Huntsville Forester or Parry Sound Northstar. I live in Australia.

Buried Humphrey Tsp Foley Memorial Cemetery.

Elva M Fraser [Lashbrooke]
Husband: Richard

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Keith Rhodes

I am researching the history of the Taplin family, starting with Albert Taplin, b. Draper in 1917, still living in Draper in the 1921 census. He joined the Canadian army that fought in Korea in the 1950's, married a Canadian girl called Helen Park in Vancouver, where they had three children.
I would appreciate any information of his family during his early years

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Eddy Bennett


I found this entry on your website:

Family History - The Belanger Family
by Marion Belanger

The third child of Alexis and Catherine was Andre "David" who married Josephine Lamore in 1886, one of the French families from Three Rivers. They had sixteen children with the youngest few still living in Britt. David died in 1943 and now this generation of pioneers was almost gone

My wife is a descendant of one of the Lamore families from Byng Inlet. What I'm particularly interested in is the part about "Three Rivers" in Quebec. I've noticed mention of this on many Byng Inlet records. Do you know where it is in reference to? It does not seem to be the first logical conclusion which one would make which would be Trois-Rivières Quebec. Would you have any hints about where "Three Rivers" actually could be?



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Elizabeth Ariss

I am looking for information re a burial in Torrance cemetery in Sept. 1943. Donald McDonald was killed in a railway accident at Bala and as noted in the Gravenhurst paper "the funeral was held at Torrance ce metery". There is no marker or information in cemetery lists of this burial, and his two sons were serving overseas in 2nd world war so no personal information. His wife and children are now deceased and some burial is in Orillia. His wife and 2 sons are noted on that headstone (1 son was killed in France after D-day and buried in France.) His daughter married and had 1 son - who provided the marker in Orillia. He does not live locally so I am trying to find where his grandfather rests.
Perhaps you could provide me with the person's name in charge of this cemetery and he should have records of all burials in that cemetery.
Thank you for any information that you can give me - the web site does not provide any contact info.
E. Ariss

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Drew McKerlie

William Thomas Bell
Birth 14 May 1854 in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Death 10 Oct 1924 in Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Death record indicates he is buried in Presbyterian Cemetery near Huntsville. I'm trying to figure out if this would St Andrews which is north of Huntsville or another. From what I have been able to discover is there is a stone reading 'Bell' within the cemetery but no other names or dates given


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Beverly Noddle

I want to search historical copies of the Amalguin Newspaper that was produced in Burks Fall. Does anyone know where the microfiche might be located. I have placed telephone calls to the Library in Burks Falls, thinking it would logically be located there, however, the persons I spoke to didn't know and the person who may know never returned my telephone enquiries. I live in Wasaga Beach so can't just pop by and check in person. Thank you for your assistance.

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Darcy Sullivan

Can you please tell me who Rankin Lake was named after? I know that a Charles Rankin surveyed a LOT of land in the area and further away ... however my ancestors, Matthew Rankin and his sons, James, William, Samuel, Henry, Frederick, etc. were involved in a LOT of what went on in the early stages of Foley's/Parry Sound/Barrie's settlement.


Darcy Sullivan

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Rod Brazier

Good day.
I am a volunteer with the Muskoka Steamship & Historical Society, and I have been writing a series of articles for the Society magazine on Railway History in Muskoka. I am interested in connecting with anyone who might have information, stories and/or photos related to this subject.
Thank you.
Rod Brazier

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Brad Shortt

SS#5 Bear Cave School? Was dismantled and moved. Anybody know who it was sold to and where it went?
I was told it was moved south to Goodwood.

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