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Muskoka, Parry Sound Genealogy Group - General Inquiries

General Inquiries

General inquiries can be sent to Jane_ObscureMyEmail for inclusion in the club newsletter. Please remember that not all club members have internet access and depend on the club newsletter for inquiries and responses. If you have an inquiry posted on this page, please check to see if it is correct.

General inquiries will be posted in chronological order of their submission date. The most recent inquiries will be at the top and the oldest at the bottom. This makes it easier to identify new submissions. If you want to post an inquiry regarding surname interests,
then go to the Surname Inquiry Page.

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Beverly Noddle

I want to search historical copies of the Amalguin Newspaper that was produced in Burks Fall. Does anyone know where the microfiche might be located. I have placed telephone calls to the Library in Burks Falls, thinking it would logically be located there, however, the persons I spoke to didn't know and the person who may know never returned my telephone enquiries. I live in Wasaga Beach so can't just pop by and check in person. Thank you for your assistance.


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