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Elizabeth Ariss

I am looking for information re a burial in Torrance cemetery in Sept. 1943. Donald McDonald was killed in a railway accident at Bala and as noted in the Gravenhurst paper "the funeral was held at Torrance ce metery". There is no marker or information in cemetery lists of this burial, and his two sons were serving overseas in 2nd world war so no personal information. His wife and children are now deceased and some burial is in Orillia. His wife and 2 sons are noted on that headstone (1 son was killed in France after D-day and buried in France.) His daughter married and had 1 son - who provided the marker in Orillia. He does not live locally so I am trying to find where his grandfather rests.
Perhaps you could provide me with the person's name in charge of this cemetery and he should have records of all burials in that cemetery.
Thank you for any information that you can give me - the web site does not provide any contact info.
E. Ariss


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