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Surnames (Index) | MPSGG

Surname Inquiries

If you are interested in responding to a posted inquiry you can respond by first clicking the comments link immediately below the particular inquiry you are interested in. To open the form just click the Hide or Show Button button.

If you have an inquiry posted on this page, please check to see if it is correct.

Surname inquiries will be posted in alphabetical order based on the first surname in the inquiry. Eventually, this page may have to be split into several pages as the list gets longer. If you want to post an inquiry that is not pertaining to surnames, visit the General Inquiry Page

* Obviously spam is a growing email problem! One way to avoid the onslaught of spam is to only give out your email address to your friends and family. If you must give out your address to someone other than a friend, especially if you are giving your address to a site like this, then you are likely to use a deposable email address from or

Our problem is that a growing number of the emails addresses given to us are dormant or dead when a member of the club or someone just browsing our site attempts to respond to an inquiry.

Before inquires can be posted we will be confirming the validity of the email address. Email addresses on dated inquires will be checked periodically.

As documented within our privacy policy, if comments are made in response to an inquiry made by you where the commenter requests direct communication, we will not release your contact information, but will forward his allowing you to decide whether to continue the conversation. With that said, we would ask that if you receive information that might further someone else's genealogy research, please update your inquiry with a new comment containing that information.

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