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Bill Neelin

Searching for details/information for Winifred (Minnie) Anderson (nee Jones) born Liverpool England 1883, married Charles Anderson November 1906 Brunel Township.

Thank you

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Judy Barrette-Fllint

Edna Mary Austin, b. 11 Mar 1902 in Parry Sound District (near Novar probably), d. 1 Jul 1903 in Parry Sound District (near Novar probably), parents Alexander Potter Austin 1859-1945 & Eliza Jeanette Buck 1869-1934. Buried St. Andrew's United Cemetery, Novar, Perry Township. Parry Sound District, Ontario, Canada. Looking for verification of birth/death information as just hearsay from G Granddaughter of Alex & Jeanette Austin given to her in a written family tree by her father Beverly Whaley Austin 1936-2007. One would think that by 1902/1903 there would be birth/death documentation, given law passed in 1869. I checked Huntsville Forester newspaper and no luck finding any mention of this.

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Bahm, Baim

Leslie Whitlow

Looking for information on my Great-grand uncle Oscar Edward Bahm. Was in the Bracebridge area from about 1920 presumably until his death after 1949. He married Grace Alice Dart and they had one child Opal. Any suggestions for research in the area would be appreciated as well.

Thank you.

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Judy Bailey

I am looking for information on my great-grandfather, John Charles Bailey, and his son, Frederick Thomas Bailey. They lived in Burk's Falls from 198? to 1930.

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Kimberly Wolfe

Trying to find info on my grandmother Madeline Baskey who was born in Parry Sound Ontario and is deceased .
Kimberly Wolfe

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Hi There

The above is my grandmother I cannot find anything on her but I do know she was married in Byng Inlet to my grandfather Frank Burgie, do you have anything on her family where they came from etc.

Thank You

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Besner, Bessner

Deborah Gilbert

Are obituaries indexed for Britt? I would like the obituary/death date of Hulda Besner, widow of Charles A. Besner who died in 1939 in Britt. Most of the family trees have Hulda dying in 1943, but Hulda (or Mrs. Charles Besner, widow), was living as of the Voter's list for 1958. Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980 Name: Mrs Charles Besner Gender: Female Marital Status: Widow Year: 1958 Location: Parry Sound; Muskoka, Ontario, Canada Electoral District: Parry Sound-Muskoka Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Deborah

added April 16, 2017

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Barbara Macgillivray

Benjamin Bickford - where he died/is buried & date? 1881 census - in Muskoka County, Monck Township, Religion=Church of England; born abt. 1834 (Ireland?) & died after 1881. Wife+ Mary Ann Hurd (1835/Templeton - 1911/Bracebridge.

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Buck, Rawn, Slatter

Judy Barrette-Flint

· Norman Richard Granville Buck is my 1st cousin twice removed (two times), and also my 3rd cousin twice removed (two times) – his father was my GG Uncle and his mother was my GG Aunt &ndask; his maternal grandparents (my GG Grandparents) were also first cousins – his paternal grandparents were also my GG Grandparents
· Norm was born Oct.30, 1903 to John Buck (1873-1941) & Constance Evlin Slatter (1878-1950) in Brunel Twp.
· Norm and his brother Bernard Bruce were on the WWII Honour Roll (Military Service:
BUCK w@ca.on.muskoka.huntsville 1939-1945 BUCK B. B. (Bernard Bruce) lance corporal served WW2 BUCK N. (Norman) private served WW2 "Honour Roll" 390 names at Huntsville Post Office indexed Aug 2001 by OGS Sudbury Branch)
· Norm was married to a Daisy Hayes (I have no proof that was her maiden name, but Norm's G Granddaughter says an aunt, she thinks, told her that was the name) probably between 1920 and 1930 as their children appear to be have been born 1930 and after &ndask; I would like to have documentation of their marriage (if they were, in fact, married) – The Huntsville Library has been unsuccessful in finding any documentation for me, so I am wondering if perhaps they weren't married in Huntsville
· Norm was living in Huntsville in the 1950's when I was a child and visited relatives there on a regular basis
· Norm died Sep. 24, 1971 (per cemetery headstone) – would like documentation on his death
· Norm is buried in the Locks Cemetery (military stone says he was a Sapper)
· I am also looking for marriage information and documentation on daughter Elizabeth "Betty" Yvonne Buck 1930-2006 who married John Robert Rawn 1920-2012. In particular, I would like to find more information on John Robert Rawn: his parents' names, where they were from, if they had any connection to the Rawns in Arthur, Ontario and maybe also in Holstein, Ontario.

Any information or assistance with information on Norm & Daisy Buck's family would be greatly appreciated. NOTE: I already have quite a bit of information on other Buck and Slatter relatives from the Huntsville area.


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Bulger, Cyte

Gordon Bulger

Any info on BULGERS in the Muskoka area, particularily Huntsville, Brunel township, and possibly Bracebridge area. Of particular interest would be Emeric and Amy (Cyte) Bulger, and their children Harriet, Cory, Violet, George, Robert, Walter and Veronica. Am researching my ancestry and any info would be very much appreciated.

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Cora DeWolf

Seeking information on birth of George Ambrose DeWolf (or Ambrose George DeWolf, whose mother was Agnes Cain. Child was born on or near 20 August 1892. Seeking information on the father of this child, believed to be a William or Wilby DeWolf.

updated August 31, 2017

Still searching for birth of Ambrose George DeWolf - son of Agnes Cain (Kane or Caine) and William or Wilby (Will B) DeWolf.  on or about 20 August 1892.  Probably a home birth but hopefully recorded somewhere.

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Looking for info re: my g.g. grandmother, first name unknown but she was the wife of John Cain. She may be the "Wife of John Cain" who was buried in the Emanuel United Church Cemetery. I am searching for her first name, d.o.b., d.o.d., names of children. etc. Wondering why she & her husband weren't buried in the same cemetery/city. Many thanks!

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Susan Knutsen

Looking for a George and Mary Ann Compton, born in Lincolnshire, England in 1821 and 1823. Emigrated to Muskoka area about 1873 with three sons, Henry, George and David. Found them on 1881 Census but no-where else. Thank you.

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Ross Edwards

I'm looking for information on Grace Yvonne Eniza Couture, born in Burk's Falls, Parry Sound, in January 1901. Her father was Samuel Joseph Couture and her mother was probably Josephine O'Brien (but may also have been Margaretee McKay or Mary Ann Nichols. Her father died in 1916 and the next record I find of her was when she married Robert Burns MacMillan in Ontario in 1928. He died just months later and then she married George Crane Loomis in Chicago a year later. They then moved to Lombard, IL, USA in 1936 and adopted a son who then died a year later and it seems she had some kind of nervous breakdown. By 1940, she and George Loomis were no longer living together and I lose all trace of her. I'd really like to fill in some of the holes of her life story (between 1916 and 1928 and then after 1939).

added March 23, 2017

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My family for some generations, lived in the Muskoka - Parry Sound areas
The paint lake cemetery property was once owned by them.

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Joan Keppy

I am interested in knowing more about the graveyard called Townline, or Yearly or Chalmers near Axe Lake, Parry Sound. My great-grandfather, James Dailey, is buried there. Is the graveyard still in use? Is there a church connected with it?

Thank you

Searching the family of James and Mary Jane (Pettipiece) Dailey. Any information or photographs
would be appreciated.

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I am Looking for information regarding Paul Dane. He came to Canada from Ireland in 1868 and settled on Tondern Island (which is now Beaumaris). He died on October 21, 1872 and I believe he was buried in the Church of England cemetery although I cannot find any facts to support the location of the burial site. I would particularly like to know his Irish history and that connection to the McCarthy family prior to their arrival in Canada.

Thank you!

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Kathy Lynk

I would like any information of Samuel Edward Davis and his wife Jessie Lane Davis. Samuel was born 1865 and died 1947 and Jessie was born 1865 and died 1956. They also adopted a 3 year old boy who they named Richard Huston Davis born January 22, 1895 he was my great grandfather and I would like any information on his adopted family and if you know any information on his biological family.

Thank-you in advance.

Kathy Lynk

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Bill Deverell

Looking for information on Eva Grace DEVERELL nee HOPKINS
She was married to my Half Great Uncle Sydney George DEVERELL in 1926 at
Niagara Falls
She is on the voters lists for Parry Sound area in 1950s and 1960s.
He returned to England in 1946.

The WW2 service record for Sydney George Deverell suggests he married twice in Canada and 2nd divorce around 1943/4
First divorce presumably early 1930s. Voters lists show first wife Eva in Muskoka area up to 1979
Second wife was called Ethel and there was daughter Shirley born mid-1930s.
Shirley address as next of kin in WW2 given as c/o Miss Emma Colwell, Brighton, Ontario
I’m Waiting for more Ontario Vital Records to go online.
Sydney’s Residence in 1939 was probably in Toronto, Funston Ave.

In Cheshire, UK

updated September 2, 2017

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