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Ada Walker Eddie was my gr. grandmother. She came to Canada in 1882 as a 14 yr. old to work for Joseph & Helen Eddie. In 1885 she married their son, Robert Eddie. Her maiden name was Ada Walker. I am looking for any information pertaining to her travel arrangements from England and placement in the Eddie home. Would welcome any information about Ada. All I have are Ontario BMDs, census records and a bit of family information.

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Edwards, Alexander

Andrea Wieland

Looking for descendents of Wakeman J. C. Edwards, b. 1841 in France, d. 1902 in Watt; and his wife Margaret Alexander, b. 1844 in Scotland, d. 1905 in Watt. Children: Louisa, Alexander, William, Jane, Arthur, Mary, Eva. Margaret is the sister of my great grandfather who settled in Washington St.

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Elliot, Pittman

Ruth Al-Sadie

I am looking any information on my Great grandfather's brother Benjamin Stephen Elliott who I know marrried a Florence Pittman (father William Pittman a local Blacksmith) in Bracebridge in 1912. Benjamin immigrated to Canada from England in 1885 when he was about 1, but not with his natural parents.

Thank you


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Elliott, Lewis

Dianne Semmens

Robert C. Elliott 1899-1915 son William & Harriett (Lewis) Elliott died of gunshot wounds at age 16. Buried in Parry Sound Cemetery. Would someone be able to find out the circumstances of his death?

Dianne Semmens

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I am trying to locate what happened to my husbands grgr grandmother Adelaide Ellis she married a Jonas Buel they lived in the Bracebrideg area I lost rack of her after he died in 1894 hoping someone can clue me in as to where or what happened to her thank you regards Susan Burton Toledo Ohio USA

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Susan Henderson

I am interesting in finding out anything about the England family, who settled in Huntsville ca. 1875. I am a great-granddaughter of Richard England. Any information about the family would be greatly appreciated.
I now know that the family first came to London, Ontario, and was originally from Alkerton, Oxfordshire.

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Judy Stockham

As volunteers for the Lake of the Woods Museum and the Kenora Great War Project where we are researching and writing tributes for all who served in WW1 and lived in the area at some point, one fellow on our list is Emerson Farnsworth. Born in the Township of Brunel, after the war Emerson and his wife Ruby returned to Brunel. Emerson died on 1 April 1974 and I have both he and his 1st and 2nd wive's obituaries from the Huntsville Forester but neither say where their final resting place is, the name of the cemetery. I was hoping someone might be able to look it up to see where they are interred.

Judy Stockham

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Field, Fields

Jonathan Field

We are currently searching for ancestors of ours who lived in Maplewood, Township of Sinclair at the turn of the 20th century. We have details from the 1911 census of a Henry and Ann Field, sons George, James, Thomas, William, Alfred and Robert. One of their daughter in laws was Rosa who in turn had a daughter called Eva May. We have found the grave stone on the pioneercemetries website of Ann, George and William and was hoping to get more information from your members.

Henry was the brother of my Great, Great Grandfather and we have researched this family line back to 1721 in England. We hope we can find details of them and of any surving relatives. We hope to visit PEI in 2007 (we are English in case you hadn't guessed!).

Thanks for your time

Jonathan Field

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Frankum, Leeder

Ken Drabinsky

I am inquiring about the name Emily Frankum or Emma Frankum born between 1920-1930? and Thomas Leeder/Leider/Leader (1918-1946) from Bracebridge and/or Baysville. It is believed Emma moved to Toronto in the late 1940's after her first child was born and given up for adoption. Any leads would be appreciated, thanks.

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Chris Dzilums

Looking for Bruce Davies Hall.b. 1937-38? also my infant brother Richard Hall b 1959

Looking for the grave of my brother who passed before I was born. Bracebridge area.

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Rob Ireland

I am pursuing the origins of the Hammonds of the Dufferin and Muskoka regions in Ontario. My Hammonds are from Dufferin ( William Hammond and Jane Westover ) and we have no surviving male heirs to the surname Hammond. Another branch of the name settled in the Muskoka region. They were John Hammond (1841-1916) and Isabella Harriet Craig (1844-1914). Their offspring are numerous. I am looking for a male heir of this branch who is amenable to having a DNA swab test analyzed at Family Tree DNA. I will pay for an Autosomal DNA ( Family Finder) and a yDNA 37 marker test for a cousin who is willing.The male offspring of John and Isabella were: Wesley, Egbert, John J., Robert E., and William H. THEIR male offspring include: Reginald, Ron, Ross, Anson, Robert, Calvin, Elmer, Aubrey, Alonzo, Cecil, and Orvil. If you know any male Hammonds who you think might Spring from these names, please refer them to this inquiry. They can contact me at
Rob Ireland

added March 7, 2017

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Ken Helmkay

I am wondering if anyone has information on the Helmkay family. Henry Helmkay (wife was Mary Jane McCance) moved into the north in the 1870s; he is shown as landowner in 3 townships in the 1879 Muskoka guide and atlas: Foley, Humphrey, and Christie.

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Henderson, Brown, Macdonald, Insley, Patterson

Teresa O'Neill

William Brown, B. Ireland, D. Muskoka, Married to Ann Henderson, B. Ireland, D. Muskoka. Son Hugh Henry Brown, B. Ny 1855, D. Florida 1913. Brothers William and Thomas John. Hugh Henry My Grandfather. Wife Jane Elizabeth Whittemore, B. 1855 in Florida, D. 1933 in Florida. Their Children Florence Ethel Brown, Married Dalton Insley in Canada. Annie Jane Brown B in Uxbridge M. Alexander MacDonald, Widowed Abt 1916, not sure what happen to Alex. Annie remarried 1911 to George W. Booth in Toronto, She died in Florida 1922. Mary Elizabeth Brown, B 1897 D 1976, William David Brown, Gordon Joseph Brown and John Henry Brown. Thomas John Brown and Wm Brown May of had a sister, Elizabeth. Want to Find My Ggrandparents, William Brown and Ann Henderson's deaths and graves in Canada, plus all children that remained in Canada.

thank you so much.

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Fred Sias

This is my grandmother's maiden name.(father's mother).
I have quite a bit of information but would welcome more.

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Leonard Lawrence Sperry

Absalom Lamb is listed for Stisted in the 1901and 1911 census. His grandson is my great grandfather. I am hoping to discover where he might of come from to arrive at Stisted. Thank you.

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