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Early Settlers - Foley Township

LotCon. I
2John Helmkay
3William Jacklin
4Frank K. Helmkay
5Frank K. Helmkay
6Henry Helmkay
7Henry Helmkay
10George Wilcox
11A.M. Moore
13Robert Dowling
14John Griffin
15John C. Moore
LotCon. II
3William Jacklin
4A. Jacklin
5A. Jacklin
6William Matthewson
7Henry Helmkay
8William Wilcox
9William Wilcox
10George Wilcox
11Robert H. Moore
12Robert H. Moore
13John Griffin
14Catherine Scott
15Catherine Scott
28William A. Burrett
30L.M. Brott
31William Foran
LotCon. III
1Joseph Jacklin
2James Ellis
7R. J.CKlin
8R. Jacklin
9Robert Boyd
10Robert Boyd
11Samuel Farrington
12Samuel Farrington
13John C. Moore
14Mary M. Moore
15Catherine Scott
16Robert Moore
17Robert Moore
18David C. Junior
20David C. Junior
24Edmund Edwards
25Edmund Edwards
28Daniel Vankoughnett
29William Edwards
30Lewis Edwards
LotCon. IV 
9Mary A. Moore
10Mary A. Moore
11John Ellis
12John Ellis
14Mrs. M.A. Hodges
15Mrs. M.A. Hodges
16Erasmus Green
17Edward Harvey
18Edward Harvey
19John Vankoughnett
20David Cargill
21Hugh Cargill
22James Burns
26James Burns
24James Burns
29William Edwards
30Lewis Edwards
LotCon. V
1Jane Liness
2Jane Liness
3Jane Liness
4Jane Liness
5Jane Liness
14William Rankin
16Erasmus Green
17Charles Wright
18Charles Wright
19John Vankoughnett
20Donald McDonald
21Robert Vankoughnett
22Benjamin Vankoughnett
23Robert Vankoughnett
24James Burns
27Dougall Campell
LotCon. VI
1James Burns
3Thomas Woods
6James Chapman
7James Chapman
8James Chapman
9James Chapman
10James Chapman
19John Vankoughnett
21Robert Vankoughnett
22Benjamin Vankoughnett
24William Scott
25William Scott
26D. Campbell
27Alex Burnett
28Alex Burnett
LotCon. VII
2Thomas Pender
3Thomas Pender
4Alfred Forest
6James Miller
7William Rankin
8James Rankin
9James Rankin
10M. Rankin
11M. Rankin
12J.M. Ansley
13J.M. Ansley
24William Scott
25William Scott
26William Vankoughnett
27Samuel Cochrane
28Samuel Cochrane
LotCon. VIII
1Ann Garvin
2Napoleon Forest
3Napoleon Forest
6James Carradice
7Thomas Clark
8Thomas Clark
9Robert McNaught
10Robert McNaught
11James McRoberts
12James McRoberts
13Ed. John Griffin
14Ed. John Griffin
15Frederick Brook
16Phillip Smith
17Phillip Smith
26Mrs. H. Little
27Mrs. H. Little
28Henry Little
29Ellis Lipscombe
34William Foran
35William Foran
LotCon. IX
1Ann Garvin
2William Miller
3William Miller
5James Carradice
6James Carradice
7James Carradice
8James Carradice
10William McMillan
11Robert McNaught
13Nancy Merrigold
14Hugh Rafferty
15Hugh Rafferty
17Peter Smith
18Peter Smith
19John McDonald
20James Scott
21James Scott
27William McPhilemy
28William McPhilemy
29Samuel Bennett
30Samuel Bennett
31William Bennett
32William Bennet
33Victor Dousseron
34L.J. Barbeau
LotCon. X
1George Garvin
2William McCracken
3William McCracken
4Robert McNaught
5William McRoberts
6David Scott
7Charles H. Carradice
8Charles H. Carradice
9Charles H. Carradice
10Fitzgerald Fraser
11Fitzgerald Fraser
12W.F. Haines
13H. Haines
14Joseph Rafferty
15Joseph Rafferty
16William McMullen
17William McMullen
18John McDonald
19J. Scott
20William Scott
21William Scott
28Willaim Richmond
29Richard Maguire
31Henry Gould
32James Willett
33James Willett
34Martin Rose
LotCon. XI
1George Garvin
3T Irving
4James Heslip
5James Heslip
6Edward Scott
7William McRoberts
8Hugh McConnell
9Hugh McConnell
10Mrs. Fraser
12Thomas Haines
13W.F. Haines
14Joseph Rafferty
15John McConnell
16James Smuck
17George Steele
18George Steele
19John McKee
20Malcolm McDougall
26James Scott
27John Fields
28Stephen Richmond
29Robert Thomson
32Joseph Jenkins
33Joseph Jenkins
34Martin Rose
LotCon. XII
1Mary Irving
4George R. Steele
6Thomas Haines
7Thomas Haines
8Thomas Haines
9Dora Haines
10Dora Haines
11Charles Haines
12Charles Haines
13Edward Haines
14Edward Haines
15William Crier
16William Crier
17Daniel Crichton
18Thomas McGown
19Thomas McGown
20Thomas McGown
21Thomas McGown
LotCon. A
110R Jacklin
111Joseph Jacklin
112William Jacklin
113A Jacklin
114R Jackin
115W Matthewson
118S.A. Armstrong
119James Pender
120James Pender
123John Gough
124John Gough
125William Rankin
126Thomas Woods
127S. Cochrane
128John Gough
129Phillip Smith
130M. Woolman
131M. Woolman
132Mrs. Clarkson
133Joseph Rogerson

This article first appeared in the November 1986 newsletter, Volume 2 - Number 2

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