A General Inquiry

Beverly Noddle

 April 30, 2015

I want to search historical copies of the Amalguin Newspaper that was produced in Burks Fall. Does anyone know where the microfiche might be located. I have placed telephone calls to the Library in Burks Falls, thinking it would logically be located there, however, the persons I spoke to didn't know and the person who may know never returned my telephone enquiries. I live in Wasaga Beach so can't just pop by and check in person. Thank you for your assistance.


  • Wayne Cooper

    Beverly, you are likely seeking the “Burk’s Falls Arrow” newspaper which preceded the “Almaguin News”. About 2010, The Perry Township Historical Committee inquired at the Burk’s Falls Library which apparently held (somewhere) a few tattered editions taken from the walls of old houses prior to demolition. The ownership of that newspaper apparently changed hands about 1955 and, according to several independent local sources, the new owner destroyed the entire collection to provide more office space. I’m one more victim!

  • Mary Culloden

    Only just accessed this website so little late responding to this message but if newspaper still in business try calling them, Almaguin News 59 Ontario, Burks Falls, ON P0A 1C0 705-382-9996 for help in where you might look for microfilm.
    Wasaga Beach has an LDS 862 Mosley St, Wasaga Beach. They are generally very helpful so call for their hours. They may have microfische there or access their computers but they can certainly order a copy in for you.Could also try the Ontario Genealogical website ogs.on.ca for a branch that might help with information.

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