A General Inquiry

Cathy Barrer

 July 20, 2022

Hi, I am trying to find out who to contact about the burials in Williamsport cemetery. There are 4 flat markers with no dates, just a name. Would like to know if they are the children of Charlotte & William Prince. She is interred there with a headstone. Thank you

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  • Diane Shaw

    Don’t know if this will help or hinder.
    On Charlotte’s headstone there is the name of Joseph Henry. I looked up his death registration and he died in 1895, aged 0, of lung infection. Charles Sydney died 1948 and is buried in Williamsport Cemetery.John died 1919 in Huntsville of gunshot wound but no cemetery given.Daughter Annie May Beaupre died 1962 and is buried in Hutchison Memorial [that is the big one outside of Huntsville), Orville Chester was living in Huntsville in 1962 re voters list. No death registration on line yet for him.Fred was living in Cochrane in 1935 re voters list. No personal information is given on the voters lists.Are the markers you speak of at the four corners? This is just usually to mark the grave dimensions. Google the cemetery and there may be an address for it.

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