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Susan Lockhart

 November 14, 2016

We have lived in the 4 Cornors House in Utterson for 3 years now and hope to find out some history. Specifically if it was ever in a Guiness Worldbook or Rippleys Believe it or Not.. If so does anyone have that publication I can purchase. I know James Appolony lived and work out of the house and ran an ice cream shop. Any memories or information would be appreciated

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  • Carol Stevens

    I have tried to locate this the record for you. But haven’t been successful. I talked to some people raised in Utterson and they say the house was noted because you can see 3 outside walls from any one spot. The Huntsville library has old Guiness books back to 2012 but it isn’t in them. You likely need to keep talking to older residents form the 1950s to 70s. Good luck

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