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History of Parry Sound District

North Himsworth Township

Rivers Family Cemetery

The widow Rivers still lives on the old farm, she is Mrs. Frank Gordon, Senior. And likes her privacy and does not encourage strangers. She is reluctant to give anyone information about the burying ground of the family. She could not remember when the children had died. Her daughter Mrs. Lidke has a record of those buried there. There are no markers or tombstones and appears to be from a distance, in a very unkempt condition. Mrs. Gordon is planning to put up a new fence to replace the old wooden one and a tombstone in memory of her husband.

This is one place where assistance from the Ontario Cemetery Board would be helpful.
Frank Gordon
Born June 3rd, 1881
Died November 29th, 1973
Frank Gordon Jr.
Bernice Ruth
Margaret Ruby
Stanley Richard

Muskoka, Parry Sound Genealogy Group