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Megan Kirk

 July 7, 2024

Alfred J Dassy was born in London in 1900, he was taken to Canada on a ship called the Corsican in 1912 (although his age was incorrect on the passenger lists). Voter lists suggest he settled in the Muskoka/Parry Sound area from 1949 onwards. He married a woman called Anna at some point in the 1950s/60s but I have found no record of it. The last voter list he shows up on is in 1972 so I presume he died within 10 years of this.

Does anyone know anything about this man? Any marriage info, any death info, did he have children, what did he do for work... I appreciate that there are probably no photos of him. Any details at all would be overwhelmingly appreciated


  • Diane Shaw

    1949, 1957, 1962 voters list Bracebridge
    Dassy Alfred was by himself in 1949 and Mrs Anna was there from 1957

    1945 he is in Dorset and is a caretaker.

    1935 he is labourer at RR2 Hastings
    1940 a Alfred J Dassey is farmer in Innerkip, Oxford Ontario

    On a family tree on Ancestry, his father is listed as Arthur Rutland, mother as Alice Dassey.
    Why was he known as Dassey?

    Cannot find him on 1921 or 1931 census. Marriages and deaths are not released in the time period you are looking for.

    • Hi Diane,

      Thanks so much for that – I believe it’s my Ancestry family tree you’ve found. Yes he was definitely known as Dassy, his parents weren’t married although they made it seem that they were on the baptism record.

      This mother had 6 children with at least 3/4 different men, they pretended to be married on paperwork (I presume this was to protect the children somehow) but the children were all known as ‘Dassy’ or a variation of it (‘Dassy’, ‘Dassey’, ‘D’Assey’, etc) and they were all raised by the mother with no mention of the father/s.

      Apologies, I’m not familiar with Canadian law – when will marriages/deaths for this time period because available to the public? Also, is there anywhere best to find obituaries?

      Also, what are the laws around releasing birth records please? There is a voters list for the last known address with an ‘Alf Dassy’ living there, but this is the late 1990s so I presume it’s Alfred and Anna’s son? Although I have no record of him after this.

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