An Article of Interest

Oliver - Bennett

by Zetta Slater

Both my folks came from the Muskoka area. My Dad, John James OLIVER born September 7, 1880 to William Oliver and Mary Jane BROWN. My mother born October 6, 1885 to George BENNETT and Fanny CHURCH. My Dad was born in Chaffev Township where his father William and his grandfather James farmed. His grandparents came from Scotland, I believe but 1870 is as far back as I have been able to trace them.

My folks were married July 26, 1903 in Huntsville in All Saints Church by Bishop George Algoma. They lived in Huntsville – my Dad worked at logging and also the tannery. My grandmother Mary Jane, died in 1905. My grandfather William and 5 children came west the following year. Dad and Mom came west in 1910 (April) and in September of the same year moved into their homestead – sod shack. Three of my sisters and one brother were born in Huntsville-the other seven of us were born in Saskatchewan. I am the only one left out of a family of ten-rather late to be trying to find my ‘roots’ – but I would love to hear from any relative on either side of the family.

All my Dad’s brothers and sisters came west. The only other relative of his I know of was his Dad’s sister Maggie OLIVER who married a George Rutherford and according to the 1891 census for Chaffey had seven children. I know my mother had 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Her older sister married a BIRCH and had a son Eli, Her other sisters married and lived in the Huntsville area. I know there must be Bennetts and Churchs left around that area.

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This article first appeared in the November 1988 newsletter, Volume 4 - Number 2