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Muskoka, Parry Sound Genealogy Group

Schedule of 2022 Meetings

Janine McIntyre
      How to work within Ancestry and Family Tree Maker

Make a story from Ancestry or Family Tree Maker
to help prepare the next generation to continue on your journey.

Have your operating questions for Ancestry and Family Tree Maker ready or email us at or

Wayne Cooper

First Half: 10-11 AM in the Friends Room
There will be a presentation of little known but highly recommended genealogical websites by various attendees. If you have such a recommendation, please be prepared to share it. We will require the website name and address plus a brief description of the geographical location, time period, and types of documents.

Second Half: 11 AM - 12 Noon in the Muskoka Room
There will a review of the primary contents of the Muskoka Room. Attendees will have an opportunity to recommend and describe other Muskoka Room resources not previously covered.

Family History Centre Bracebridge
Huntsville public Library
Museum on Tower Hill, Parry Sound

Muskoka, Parry Sound Genealogy Group