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Alexandra Brown

 July 1, 2019

We recently moved to the area. Previous homeowners left us info about the sale of the home once upon a time but there is no date. It states: Parcel 6725, Recently Part if Parcel 2617, Muskoka Volume 32, microflmed Dec 11 1980 #G1025821. It states that the land was in the Township of Stephenson. A stamp on the doc says "Now in the Town of Huntsville". We actually live in Port Sydney. Our land was left by Mary Ella Hignam, or Dignam to Gladys Jay, spinster, of Toronto. Mary's estate executors were Hugh M, D/Hignam and John Rodolph Van Hogenhouck Tullekin. Looking for more information about Mary and Gladys. Is my Mary the same Marty that was a Victorian-era scholar and artist? How can I know the date of the document I have? Can provide more geographical details from the doc.


  • Carol Stevens

    I have sent emails to a couple of people in the area but haven’t received any replies. Have you been into the library? The library for Port Sydney is the Huntsville Library. and there is a good section of historical material and the staff are helpful. The newspapers for the Port Sydney area are the Huntsville Forester and the Bracebridge —–. These are both on line for free at http://www.communitydigitalarchives.com/huntsville-forester/newspapers.html or thru the Huntsville Library website. The other thing is to find the oldest person in Port Sydney and ask them. Good luck

  • Alexandra Hendry

    Thanks Carol. I was able to locate the same doc that I have, but still wondering how I can tell if my Mary Ella Higham is the same Mary Ella Hignam that was a world famous painter and started the art school for women in Toronto that is still in existence.
    The following page in the register is date 1940. I can’t confirm if it is related to the prev. Page or not. It is dated Dec 1940 which would correspond with the artists death date of Sept 1938.The artist has a painting titled “Muskoka” so I know she visited the area. I am looking for her connection to my land, if any. My assumption would be to search land purchases or newspaper articles of the era, but I dont know where to find those.

  • Carol Stevens

    Port Sydney is located in Stephenson Township. In the 1960s Stephenson amalgamated with Huntsville
    Land records are on line now and free to access. but can be difficult. the site is https://www.onland.ca/ui/ Onrario Land Records.I will be away for this week but if you need assistance let me know. I am the person with the genealogy group that gives support.Carol Stevens

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