We recently moved to the area. Previous homeowners left us info about the sale of the home once upon a time but there is no date. It states: Parcel 6725, Recently Part if Parcel 2617, Muskoka Volume 32, microflmed Dec 11 1980 #G1025821. It states that the land was in the Township of Stephenson. A stamp on the doc says "Now in the Town of Huntsville". We actually live in Port Sydney. Our land was left by Mary Ella Hignam, or Dignam to Gladys Jay, spinster, of Toronto. Mary's estate executors were Hugh M, D/Hignam and John Rodolph Van Hogenhouck Tullekin. Looking for more information about Mary and Gladys. Is my Mary the same Marty that was a Victorian-era scholar and artist? How can I know the date of the document I have? Can provide more geographical details from the doc.