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Barry Kennedy

 September 21, 2019

Looking for information on my Great Grand Mother Ann Nutt, ne: Bachelor 1st wife of Thomas Nutt, Watt Twp, Raymond Ont.died Dec.1876 Orillia, Ont. Can't find the cemetery she is buried in. Any help is appreciated. Thank You. Barry Kennedy, Pembroke, Ont.


  • Barry Kennedy Pembroke, Ont.

    Hello Marilyn. Just found your reply. Ann died in the Orillia hospital Dec. 27th, 1875 from TB. From there, census records show Thomas and the three kids living and working near Markham. This is where he met Sarah Daniels I believe, and moved back to the farm in Raymond. Levi and Phyllis Nutt(Burk), are my Grandparents. I remember my mother (Thelma Nutt) Kennedy talking about Aunt Clara. The next time I get down to the cemetery, I’ll see if I can find her grave site. Thanks for the info. If I can be of any help, contact me.

  • Marilyn Ritchie

    Hi Barry
    Just saw your post. Ann Nutt was also my stepmother Clara’sgreat-grandmother. Clara thinks that Ann was buried on the family farm, on the Old Parry Sound Road. Around 1914 property was donated by The Nutt family for what became the Ullswater cemetery. Contact me if you need more info.Marilyn

  • Barry Kennedy Pembroke, Ont.

    Mar. 24 2020
    Hello Diane.Thomas Nutt is buried in the old section of the Ullswater Cemetery on the Old Parry Sound Rd. with his second wife Sarah (Daniels). Made inquiries at the Twp office in Port Carling in the fall of ’19, no reply yet. Been checking the old cemeteries in the Markham area, and nothing so far. I’m not sure where their farm was in Raymond. But, I’ll keep looking. The Ontario Archives is available, but they refer you to somebody to do the research. Thanks .

  • Diane Shaw

    Thomas Nutt is buried in Ullswater which was in Watt Tsp in the old days. Ann was living in Watt Tsp when she died so they are together?
    Watt Cemetery has been renamed to Ullswater Cemetery. Also they spent a lot of their life in Markham so maybe she was returned there for burial but seems a long way to go in 1876. She could even be buried on the farm. The cemetery should have burial information on Thomas as he didn’t die until 1930s but 1876 may be a bit early for a search.Good luck

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