A General Inquiry

Coleen Krawchuk

 January 22, 2017

Do you know if the publication "The People of South Himsworth" is still available? Is there a phone number that I could call to order same? Any help would be appreciated.


  • Coleen Krawchuk sent me an email at the same time she posted the Inquiry. I replied by email with these comments.
    When I did a search in google I came across an article on the page http://www.pastforward.ca/perspectives/april282000.htm which mentions the book and gives a contact number of a woman, Gladys Piper in Powassan who, at the time of the Article, was selling the books. When I did a reverse look up on the web site canada411.ca on the listed telephone it came back showing the number belonging to Claire Piper, possibly her daughter? You might want to give her number a call at 705-724-2206. If she isn’t selling the books, she may know how you might get a hold of one.I just received another email from Coleen Krawchuk:Thank you Dan for your assistance with this. The Powasson Library was unable to assist, however, just this morning I was finally able to reach Gladys Piper and she can help. I am so pleased and do appreciate your help. Thanks again,Coleen

  • Coleen Krawchuk

    Thank you for your reply. I have contacted the Powassan Library and they are unable to help. Does anyone else have any ideas? I would love to purchase a copy of this as there are some stories relating to the Robinsons and Durrells (both related to myself). Does anyone else have some ideas? Coleen

  • Diane Shaw

    The People of South HImsworth – A Centennial History
    Printed by Olympic Printing Sprucedale Ont 1992Edited by Marietta Raymond and complied by Michael Raymond. 137 Pages.A place to look could be the Powassan Library.Box 160 324 Clark Street Powassan, Ontario P0H1Z0Phone 705 724 3618Fax 705 724 5525powlib@gmail. comClosed Wed and Sun.

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