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Eddy Bennett

 June 26, 2015

Hi, I found this entry on your website:Family History - The Belanger Familyby Marion BelangerThe third child of Alexis and Catherine was Andre "David" who married Josephine Lamore in 1886, one of the French families from Three Rivers. They had sixteen children with the youngest few still living in Britt. David died in 1943 and now this generation of pioneers was almost goneMy wife is a descendant of one of the Lamore families from Byng Inlet. What I'm particularly interested in is the part about "Three Rivers" in Quebec. I've noticed mention of this on many Byng Inlet records. Do you know where it is in reference to? It does not seem to be the first logical conclusion which one would make which would be Trois-Rivières Quebec. Would you have any hints about where "Three Rivers" actually could be?Regards,Ed

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  • Hi Eddie, my father is the grandson of Nora Belanger, daughter of Andre “David” Belanger and Josephine Lamore. I am trying to find out more information about the Lamore side of the family tree but have had no luck. I think they may have been Commercial Fisherman during their time at Byng Inlet, while the Belanger’s were in the lumber industry. Wondering if you can share any more details about the Lamore family?

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