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Lori Armstrong

 August 2, 2019

I am looking for information as to how I go about putting some of my Dad's ashes to rest with or very near his parents, whom are located in the Kearney Knox United Church Cemetery. His parents names are Lavinia and Robert Armstrong. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • Carol Stevens

    If you contact Nina Fulford at revnina24@gmail.com she might be able to help you.
    The United Church cemetery is still run by the local church. Nina is the past minister so will know who looks after burials.Carol

  • Roberts grandparents are buried in the Kearney cemetery Francis and Ann Armstrong. frank is a younger brother of my great grandfather William James Armstrong.
    I spoke to Ralph Bice several years ago and he told me that George Armstrong, son of Francis was the mayor of Kearney and that his son Robert would play his bagpipes while walking along the waters edge in Kearney. He also said that Frank spoke 2 spokes , perhaps French and English. They came originally from the eastern townships to Norland. Frank then moved to Kearney.

  • Carol Stevens

    A survey of burials was done on the Knox Church cemetery a few years ago. There is a copy at the Kearney Library. You can contact them thru this website http://www.olsn.ca/kearney/links.html or phone 705-636-5849.
    Let me know if you are successful, as I might have another source.Carol Stevens

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