A General Inquiry


 October 5, 2020

Looking for information for a potential ancestor that emigrated to Canada from England (around 1920), born 'Kathleen May Southgate' who married Arthur Cousins in 1940 and resided in Huntsville/Novar area. I believe Kathleen was born February 14, 1909 and may have passed away in 1994 and may be buried in Huntsville's Hutcheson Memorial Cemetery. I am wondering if anyone can provide obituary information or information from her gravestone regarding exact death date. Any information would be appreciated as I am not located anywhere near this area and unlikely ever to be able to visit directly for additional research.


  • Carol Stevens

    Sorry for not responding sooner. Life got busy. will try to get the name to contact again and post.

  • RM Turner

    Thank you so much Carol, any information would be much appreciated.

  • Carol Stevens

    I have a possible contact who can likely give you info on this family. Arthur cousins is remembered by some older people in Novar. If interested I will give you the info.

  • Carol Stevens

    I live just north of Novar so will see what I can find. I know several Cousin families were in the area.

  • Diane Shaw

    Maybe if you write to the cemetery they may look for you. Also the Huntsville Forester may have had an obituary.

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