A General Inquiry

Sharon Wyns

 November 20, 2020

Looking for information on the Prussian settlers 1861. Land agent was R.J.Oliver in 1859. Where would I find any information on this group of settlers?


  • Dee Goerk

    Martin Gierke has a Prussian background and was an early settler to the area. There were different versions of Goerk over generations. Kindly reach out, my father in law is Willford Goerk’s grandson.

  • Sara Clipsham

    Can help you find that if still looking.

  • S Randle

    Apologies. A correction
    Wilford (Wilfred) GoerkBuried in Lutheran Pioneer Cemetary Southwood Road in the Municipality of Gravenhurst Ontario

  • S Randle

    William (Bill) Goerk (Goerke) was of Prussian descent according to a census in early 1900’s
    Lived in Southwood between Severn and Gravenhurst. Buried in the graveyard near there.

  • Wayne Cooper

    If your 1861 date is accurate, then your people must have settled along the Muskoka Colonization Road between present day Gravenhurst and Bracebridge. At that time, only lots adjoining the road were being occupied. Today, Hwy. #11 marks much of the route of the old Muskoka Road.

  • Carol Stevens

    Hi Would love to help you but just need some more info. Do you have any idea where they went in Muskoka Parry Sound?

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