A Surname Inquiry


Christine O

 June 22, 2024

I am looking for Henry Andrews, or any of his descendants. I know very little about this man, except that I believe he was born to my great grandfather and his first wife. My great grandfather is William George Andrews, b. abt 1884 in England. In his obituary in April 1963, the Stouffville newspaper stated he was survived by a son, Henry Andrews of Bracebridge.


  • Christine

    I did see that listing on the voter’s list, but I cannot be sure it was him.
    We didn’t even know he existed until we saw the obituary! I can’t find a marriage record for my great-grandfather’s first marriage. I have one that *may* be his, but his name was very common – William Andrews – and there are enough errors to erode my confidence that it was him. Unfortunately, everything fell between census years as well.

  • Diane Shaw

    There is a Henry Andrews on the voter’s list but he is listed as living in Burks Falls. He is listed for a number of years.
    No Henry Andrews listed in Bracebridge.Do you have any dates for him? Was your grandfather’s first wife from England?

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