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 February 21, 2024

Looking for info re: my g.g. grandmother, first name unknown but she was the wife of John Cain. She may be the "Wife of John Cain" who was buried in the Emanuel United Church Cemetery. I am searching for her first name, d.o.b., d.o.d., names of children. etc. Wondering why she & her husband weren't buried in the same cemetery/city. Many thanks!


  • I am not even sure that his name was John. My great grandfather was James Cain, of Huntsville, and I am searching for info about his parents. I believe James was born in Ontario but can’t find him on any Ontario census prior to 1881. There was a Lizabeth Cain, aged 60 with a son named James (correct age, too) on the 1881 census, but no father listed. Eldest son was John so I am assuming that was her husband’s name, too. Lizabeth was from Ireland. The Margert Cain you refer to was too young to be James’ mom. I’ve been assuming that the Mrs. John Cain and daughter Mary could be related, although there was no Mary listed as being related to James on the 1881 census. James was buried in Toronto and there is a John Cain buried there, also (different area of the cemetery) from the Isle of Man, 1929. Don’t know if he and James are related or not. Very confusing.

  • Diane Shaw

    Is the Emmanuel Cemetery the one in Emsdale?
    Where is John Cain buried? There are two headstones; one says Mrs John Cain and her daughter Mary with no dates and the other says Margert Cain 1849-1912.Same person? There is a family tree on Ancestra.caOn 1901 census in Armour Tsp Parry Sound District there is a John and Margaret Cain. 1901 and 1911 are free on http://www.automatedgenealogy.comHere is the site for the family treehttp://www.caingenealogyplus.com/isaiahcainfamily.htm#155018323

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