A Surname Inquiry


Lora Knowlton

 January 14, 2024

I am in search of James Christoe. He and his wife Grace and son Henry traveled from Grass Valley, Nevada City, California to the Muskoka area sometime between 1877 and 1879. A daughter Ada was born in Huntsville in 1879. All four are listed in the 1881 Census of Canada - in Sinclair & Franklin Townships. Some time after 1881, Grace and children relocated back to Grass Valley - with no trace of James. Perhaps he died in the Muskoka area? Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

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  • Diane Shaw

    Sorry, couldn’t find anything on him except 1881 census and birth of Ada in Franklin Tsp 22 July 1879.
    Civil records in that area were only collected a couple of times a year when the government agent came around. His death may have just been missed.

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