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Ross Edwards

 February 21, 2024

I'm looking for information on Grace Yvonne Eniza Couture, born in Burk's Falls, Parry Sound, in January 1901. Her father was Samuel Joseph Couture and her mother was probably Josephine O'Brien (but may also have been Margaretee McKay or Mary Ann Nichols. Her father died in 1916 and the next record I find of her was when she married Robert Burns MacMillan in Ontario in 1928. He died just months later and then she married George Crane Loomis in Chicago a year later. They then moved to Lombard, IL, USA in 1936 and adopted a son who then died a year later and it seems she had some kind of nervous breakdown. By 1940, she and George Loomis were no longer living together and I lose all trace of her. I'd really like to fill in some of the holes of her life story (between 1916 and 1928 and then after 1939).


  • Ross Edwards

    Thanks for the information! Finding record of her after 1938 seems like a real dead end. And finding info about her life from the time her father died to the time she married McMillan is complicated by the fact that there is a Grace Couture from Quebec who doesn’t seem to be the same person.

  • Diane Shaw

    I can understand if she had a nervous breakdown with a child being murdered in 1937 and the case still not solved.
    Maybe she had to be hospitalized.

  • Diane Shaw

    Grace Couture, 27,living 1932 Queen St E Toronto, b Ontario, d/o Samuel Couture and Mary Ann Nichols, married Robert Burns MacMillan, 49, widowed. s/o Joseph MacMilland and Margaret Coleman, witn: Doris and John McInnis of 1932 Queen St E Toronto.22 Nov 1928.BIrth: Eniza Grace Couture, b 18 Jan 1901, d/o Samuel Couture and Josephine OBrien.This is from the government birth registrations site. Just says Parry Sound District and there is no registration number.1901 census Burks FallsCOUTURESamuel, 10 July 1866, 34, QuebecJosephine, 29 Sept 1869, 31, OntGeorge, 11 Nov 1892, OntarioIda, 30 April 1896, 5, OntEnza, 15 Jan 1901, OntCould Mary Ann and Josephine be the same person?1911 census Huntsville OontarioCOUTURESamuel, July 1866, 44, QuebecMaggie, Sept 1868, 42, EnglandGeorge, Sep 1890, 20 OntarioIda, Apr 1894, 17, OntGrace, Jan 1901, 10, OntEdward, Jan 1903, 8 Ont [he was a twin and his twin sister Violet died 18 Jan 1903 at Burks Falls]. Josephine was the mother of the twins.Death:Samuel Couture, 48, living Huntsville, died 2 Mar 1916 of heart failure.Where did she go in 1921.Canada/US border crossing 23 Oct 1922 Richford VermontGrace CoutureNo other information given.Couldn’t even track her down through her siblings.

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