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 July 16, 2024


I am Looking for information regarding Paul Dane. He came to Canada from Ireland in 1868 and settled on Tondern Island (which is now Beaumaris). He died on October 21, 1872 and I believe he was buried in the Church of England cemetery although I cannot find any facts to support the location of the burial site. I would particularly like to know his Irish history and that connection to the McCarthy family prior to their arrival in Canada.

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  • Glenn Stephenson

    As I mentioned before Paul Dane left Ireland after being involved in what appears to be shady deals or outright stealing of money from Lord (Earl)Belmore. He was Belmore’s agent for as long as 18 years. Belmore owned Castle Coole which is now owned by the National Trust of Ireland. It was a 1200 acre estate. Paul Dane was married to a Georgina Saunderson (could also be Sanderson) on 29 September 1848 and had no children. After he was caught around 1860 his marriage broke up and he ended up in Canada (Muskoka) with a Maurice McCarthy -25 years old who I believe was his nephew. Dane bought Tondern Island from the Crown and passed it to Maurice after his death on Tondern Island Oct 23, 1872. Paul Dane descended from Richard Dane who was also the agent for Lord Belmore. His mother was Ann Auchinleck. This family resided at Killyhevlin near Enniskillen Ireland.

  • Glenn Stephenson

    I have information on Paul Dane and the Dane family of Enniskillen Ireland. My family is another branch of the same family . Paul Dane descends from the rich branch of the family where the first norm son received much of the wealth. Paul Dane left Ireland in a cloud of deception as he was accused of absconding funds from the Earl of Belmore . This cost him his marriage and he had no children . If you are interested in more information contact Glenn Stephenson and use a a subject on e mail Re : Paul Dane and the Danes of Enniskillen

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