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Elliott, Porter

Ernie Elliott

 February 26, 2024

Robert Elliott of Utterson, James Henry Elliott & Mary Oddessa Porter of Utterson Lived at the corner of Old Muskoka road & Stephenson Road 4. When did they move to Utterson? I believe it was either 1898 or 1903,the family members and where they might be.

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  • Diane Shaw

    1901 census Stephenson, Muskoka/Parry Sound
    ELLIOTTRobert, 49, b ll July 1851 OntarioMary, 55, b 10 May 1846, EnglandJames H, 20, b 13 Feb 1881, OntErnest, 15, b 19 Nov 1885, Ont1891 census Simcoe East, MuskokaELLIOTTRobert, 30,b Ontario, RR trackman [think this age should be 39]Mary, 45, b EnglandRuth, 18, b US, cookLile, 16, female, OntAlice, 13, OntHenry, 8, OntErnest, 5, Ont1881 census Somervile, Victoria North OntELLIOTTRobert, 34, b Ont, Irish, weslayan methodistMary, 29, EnglandRuth, 8, USAElin Jane, 5, OntAlice, 4, OntJames Henry, 1, OntMary’s age changes quite a lot but census records are not always correct. Robert Elliot and Mary Fallowfield were married 11 Sept 1871 in Audrain, Missouri USA. The record doesn’t give any more information and does not mention being married at the bride’s house which was mentioned on some of the other marriage records. What were they doing in Missouri? Did not find them on 1870 US census. Robert Elliot, b about 1847,Port Hope Ont, died 4 Jan 1925 of chronic endocarditis. A death registration of Mary Fallowfield Elliot is dated 2 July 1910. Died of stomach cancer.Gives age as 65 with birth year c 1845. Lot 13 Concession 5 Stephenson. Mary’s maiden name was Fallowfield. Did not find any headstones for them. James Henry and Mary Proctor married 1911. Children of James and Mary from ancestry.caMary Revina, b 3 Oct 1913, lot 13 Conc 5, Stephenson Tsp. Parents married 1 Nov 1911 at Huntsville.Birth registrations are only released up to about 1915 and the covid has interfered with releases I think. I did not find any more children of James and Mary. James died 1955 and Mary died 1973 re headstones in Stephenson Memorial Cemetery. An obituary would likely give you some family names.Here we go! Finally found them on 1921 census.1921 census Utterson ELLIOTT transcribed as EllietHenry, 36, farmerMary, 24Mary, 7Margery, 6Rita, 4Ernest, 11/12 Here are some of their children listed on marriages:Reta May, 19, married Clifford Newlove, 24 Dec 1936 at Port Sydney. On voter’s list in 1942 at Otter Lake Station. They had a child Charles Clifford who lived one day 1 Feb 1942. Margery, 21, married Charles William Forth, 29, 8 Oct 1936 at the manse in Bracebridge. Sister Reta May was a witness. Children of Robert and Mary Ruth Elizabeth Elliott, aged 21, born Moberly MIssouri USA, married Arthur Fielding, 25, 27 Sept 1893 in Bracebridge.She died 10 Feb 1904, aged 29, of pneumonia in Bracebridge. Ruth and Arthur had the following children according to 1901 census Bracebridge:Gladys, 6; Edward R 3; Alace 2; Cecil 6/12. Gladys married Clifford Roy Gibbs in Bracebridge 10 June 1914.Grace Violet, 21, married Howard George Frise in Peterborough 25 May 1925. Alice Elliott,21,b Lindsay, married Denis Mackin, 22, b Ireland, 16 June 1897 at Toronto. Did not find anything on Ernest Elliott. 1901 and 1911 census are free on http://www.automatedgenealogy.com1921 census is free on Ancestry. Hope this helps.

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