A Surname Inquiry


Alysa Baker

 July 16, 2024

Female adoptee born September. 8 1988 searching for adopted biological Father born in or around 1962. Believed to have been from Bracebridge/Muskoka area. Chris Olds adoptive Father worked as a Teacher in 1988 and his adoptive Mother stayed at home. Chris had an adoptive sister born about 8 months earlier who attended University in 1988. Please contact me if you have any information.


  • Alysa Baker

    Thank you for responding. I have found Andrea and we email frequently, as have visited over the last while.
    Please feel free to email me bakeralysa@gmail.com I would love to keep connected with anyone who knew Chris. Also of you ever come across any photographs that would be amazing too. Thank you once again. Hearing any details about Chris makes me feel happy.

  • Catherine Vanclieaf

    Hi Alysa
    I was looking for something totally unrelated on this site and found your post. I was friends with Andrea Old throughout elementary and secondary school. Andrea was Chris Old’s sister. Their father, Mr. Robert “Bob” Old was my Gr. 5 teacher at Bracebridge Public School. Their mother, Lois, was a stay at home mom and I remember many visits to their home on Aubrey Street in Bracebridge. Lois’ maiden name was Lawson and she came from Baysville, ON, a small village about 24 kms from Bracebridge (where I now live). As you may know, Chris passed away a number of years ago and is buried in the Baysville Cemetery with his parents. I don’t think I have seen Andrea in almost 20 years, but I believe she still works as an urban planner for the City of Toronto. With her parents gone, Andrea has little reason to visit Bracebridge. As far as I know, Andrea still has “Old” as her last name and she didn’t have any children. She and Chris knew they were adopted but I don’t believe they were blood siblings and they were not at all close. While Andrea was for the most part, quite focused on school and was very close to her parents, from what I can remember, Chris was a bit of a wild card. He was a year behind us in school, although he too was born in 1962. I’m not sure that he finished school and may have have had a bit of a hard time. Hope this helps you with your search. Feel free to contact me if you would like, but am not sure I can add too much to your quest. Wishing you all the best,Cathy Vanclieaf

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