Searching for any information about Deborah Rhyndress who last appeared in the 1901 Canadian Census in the Sinclair District of Muskoka - Parry Sound. She was working as a housekeeper for a William H. Joyes (age 60) and his sons, Albert - 22, and David - 18. Her birthdate was May 14, 1858 and she was born further east in Ontario. Her husband was Charles Rhyndress who moved to central Manitoba at the time of the free land grants in that area. Deborah and Charles also had a son, John, born in c. 1883 who cannot be found after that. We are assuming that he died early. Their daughter, Sarah "Annie" Ann, moved to Manitoba with her father. Deborah and Charles are my husband's 2x great-grandparents. Although I can trace their parents, and much further back, and I know where Charles and Annie are buried, we especially want to find where Deborah died/is buried, and if she remained in Ontario. I have emailed the United Church Archives in hopes they may have a record, but other than that, I am so stuck. Thanks for any help in advance.