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Silvester, Sylvester

Shirley Hammond

 July 16, 2024

Silvester or sometimes Sylvester
My Grandfather was born in Waterlooville England in 1849 and moved to Parry Sound. He had 3 boys but moved back to England in 1891. My grandfather a widow, remarried when he was in his sixties and my father was born. However his brother Henry Thomas Sylvester, born 1854 also lived with his wife Elizabeth Ann.in Parry Sound. They had 5 children and I am wondering if there are any more Silvesters or their relatives living in the district.


  • Hello,
    We’ve recently adopted a grave of a soldier who died during the First World War. The grave that was assigned to us, was the grave of Alfred Silvester.During our research we found this blogpost and apparently Alfred is linked to it…Is this correct? If so, do you have any information about him and his relatives?We found that his mother is called Elizabeth Silvester and that she lived in Eureka or Fortuna in Humboldt County, California, U.S.A.All links on ancestry (and this blog) seem to be towards Ontario…In the Census of Canada of 1891 we can see a Silvester family, with the mother called Elizabeth and the father called Henry. We previously found a document stating that Alfreds father was called Harry… Coincidence or miss spelled, we don’t know, but on that document Alfred was 3 years old and we are sure he was indeed born in 1888!This is the link of the Ancestry family tree that we’ve found, which provides the same information: https://www.ancestry.ca/family-tree/person/tree/48676369/person/20237214329/factsSame as here, they also note that Alfred is born in Ontario. All previously found documents state that Alfred was born in Red Deer, Alberta!Would love to hear from you about this topic, because we hope to give Alfred a face and perhaps find some living relatives!Thank you very much!Kind regards,Jessica

  • Diane Shaw

    He married Elizabeth Ann Jayes in Parry Sound 15 July 1875.
    1891 census Chapman and Croft, Muskoka Parry SoundSYLVESTERHenry, 38, England, farmer, MethodistElizabeth, 32Emely A, 15William, 13Eadith, 11Florence, 9Bertha, 5Francis, 4Alfred E, 3All born Ont except Henry.1901 census Red Deer AlbertaSYLVESTER,Henry m, b 26 Sept 1852, age 48, England, immigrated 1891William, 2 April 1879, 20, OntarioThey are boarders along with many many others with Edith and Thomas Ellis.1916 census Red Deer AlbertaHenry Thomas Sylvester, 56, England, lodger, immigration 1886, bricklayer is with Emily and Horace Meeres. Emily is 40 so is likely his daughter that is on 1891 census.20 Aug 1919 crossed border at Blaine Washington.Henry Thomas Silvester, 60, widowed, b England, retired bricklayer, living Summerland BC, going to join daughter Mrs P H Kremere? of No Yakima Washington.Says he is going to reside there but may return to Canada to farm.Information on child/ren of Henry Thomas and Elizabeth AnnFrom WW1 EnlistmentAlfred Silvester, living Winnipeg Manitoba, born Red Deer Alberta?, next of kin: mother, Elizabeth Silvester of Fortuna Humbolt County California USA, b 12 Aug 1888. Dated 25 Nov 1916 at Winnpeg.Maybe Henry and Elizabeth were separated.1906 census Alfred, 17, b Ontario is listed as living in Strathcona District Alberta and is an employee with a H G Stone.Bertha Celia birth rego gives date as 5 Feb 1886 at Parry SoundEmily Ann birth rego gives date as 9 April 1876 Parry Sound.Elizabeth Ann is living in Humbolt California on 1900 census with Bertha, 14; Frances 13 and Alfred 12. Immigration year is 1899.1910 census she and Alfred are still in Humbolt. Says she is widowed.Don’t see her on 1920 census.Looks like there are no descendants of this Silvester family in Muskoka/ Parry Sound.They moved out west and then to US.

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