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Westcott, Tall

Doreen Pellissier

 February 23, 2024

James Westcott (1816-1886) Could someone tell me in what cemetery a member of the Congregationalist Church might be buried? The death is registered in the Unorganized Twp, Muskoka Parry Sound, 1896.

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  • Diane Shaw

    Maria Westcott, aged 77, on 1891 census, is living in Perry, Bethune and Proudfoot. This area, except for Perry Tsp, now is all the Town of Kearney in Parry Sound District.
    Maria is buried in Manitoba. Daughter Ellen eventually moved to Manitoba.
    A daughter, Ellen Matilda, aged 23, b England, living Bethune Tsp got married to Arthur Sims of Bethune Tsp, 30 Aug 1881 in Huntsville.
    1901 Ellen and family are still in Bethune Tsp and Maria is with them. Looking at the 1901 census they are living around the Beaver Lake area which is now part of Kearney.
    Re cemeteries in the area
    Sand Lake Cemetery
    Kearney Knox Cemetery
    Woodruff Burial Place Cemetery [12th Concession Cemetery] although there are very few identifiable graves left. I think there are 3 headstones left.
    English Church Cemetery. I don’t know if it is still there or has been moved. It is at Sand Lake.
    St Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery Kearney Ontario.
    I think that is all the cemeteries in the area. Sand Lake and Kearney Cemeteries are still active [so to speak] and St Patrick’s.
    I doubt if any of these cemeteries have records back to 1886. He may just have been buried on the farm.
    I am a great cemetery explorer and I don’t remember the name Westcott in Kearney area.
    I don’t think you will find his burial place unless some old family member has a great memory.
    Sorry not to have been of more help.

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