History of Parry Sound District

McDougall Township

Old Wilkinson Farm Family Burial Site

The 1879 Guide Book & Atlas shows a George Wilkinson on Lot 3, Concession B. Even though the book, "These Our Ancestors Were", doesn't list the lot and concession numbers, I assumed it to be that shown in the Guide Book. This small burial place in the old part of Nobel Village dates back to 1889.The Wilkinsons came to Parry Sound District early in the 1870’s. They patented the land where now the Village of Nobel and where the C.I.L. located the war-time Village in 1939 – 1945One of their sons died in 1899 and another in 1906 and both are buried side by side in the small burial place where their headstones are still to be seen today.George and Laura Wilkinson sold their farm and moved away.