History of Parry Sound District

Cemeteries of Parry Sound District

Cemetery NameLocation
Burks Falls CemeteryConcession 6, Lot 5, Off Highway 11, South of Burks Falls
Chetwynd CemeteryEast of Burks Falls, Opposite Church on Corner
Harvey Family Burying PlaceNear Berriedale
Holy Trinity Cemetery R.C.Concession 13, Lot 12, just west of the village of Berriedale
Roman Catholic CemeteryLarge Stone Church, Village of Kearney
United Church CemeteryConcession 11, Lot 2, East of Roman Catholic Church, Kearney
Westland Private Burial PlaceConcession 12, Lot 9
Woodruff Burial PlaceConcession 13, Lot 11
Carling CemeteryDillon Road
Chapman Community CemeteryHighway 124 and Old Nipissing Road
St. Paul's Lutheran Church CemeteryConcession 4, Lot 27
Christie CemeteryHighway 518 at Orrville
Humphrey-Conger Union CemeteryGordon Bay, Old Highway 69 into Mactier
Ahmic Harbour CemeteryConcession 9, Lot 25
Lockerne CemeteryOld Bunny Trail, North of Highway 124
Reynold's Family Burial PlaceLucas Farm, Lorimer Lake Road
Scarr Family Burial PlaceFarm of Manly Scarr, Burpee Road
Foley CemeteryConcession 2, Lot 131
Alsaa Concession Roman Catholic CemeteryConcession 4, Lot 188, North from Highway 522
Commando CemeteryHighway 522 west of Trout Creek
Dunchurch ChurchConcession 13, Lot 43, Highway 124, Dunchurch
Loring CemeteryConcession 1, Lot 34
Abandoned Burying PlaceEdge of Village of Rosseau
Anglican Church CemeteryConcession b, Lot 79, Nipissing Road
Forbes Farm CemeteryHighway 532, Village of Humphrey, Located one mile off main road in the corner of a bush lot and open field
Humphrey and Rosseau Community CemeteryConcession A, Lot 73, Highway 532, East of Rosseau
Magor Family Burial PlotPrivate Cemetery
Mahon Family Burial PlotFisher Lake Road, North of Highway 141 on the Mahon Pioneer Farm
Gravel Pit Gospel Missionary CemeteryConcession 8, Lot 2, Highway 11
Evangelical United Brethren Church CemeteryConcession 5, Lot 10, East of old Nipissing Road toward Eagle Lake
Rye CemeteryConcession A, Lot 146, Isolated location near Rye
Zion Lutheran Church CemeteryConcession 3, Lot 7, Off old Nipissing Road and East of Eagle Lake Area
Eagle Lake CemeteryConcession 6, Lot 26, East of Eagle Lake
Siloam Cemetery8 km West of South River on Park Highway
South River CemeteryConcession 2, Lot 8 and 9, Highway 11
St. John's Anglican Church CemeteryConcession 9, Lot 21
Hillcrest Cemetery
Lumsden CemeteryPrivate family burial site. Located north of Parry Sound on Highway 69
Old Wilkinson Farm Family BurialNobel
Parry Island Indian Burial GroundsParry Island
Sylvan AcresGolden Valley Road, East of Wabamick and Highway 124, Parry Sound
Hurdville CemeteryConcession 3, Lot 35
Lakeview CemeteryConcession 12, Lot 22, 3 km northeast of McKellar, Highway 124
St. Stephen's Anglican Church CemeteryConcession 4, Lot 16, Broadbent
Thompson CemeteryConcession 3, Lot 16
United Church CemeteryVillage of McKellar, Highway 124
Maple Island Community CemeteryConcession 1, Lot 1, Highway 520
Whitestone CemeteryConcession 3, Lot 24, Highway 520, west of Maple Island
Gerrard Roman Catholic CemeteryConcession 10, Lot 12
Haldane Hill CemeteryConcession 5, Lot 16, Sprucedale Area
Pioneer Presbyterian CemeteryConcession 11, Lot 14, Sprucedale Area
St. Paul's and Sprucedale United CemeteriesConcession 1, Lot 12 and 11, East of Sprucedale
Townline CemeteryConcession 1, Lot 25, near Sprucedale Area
Arnstein CemeteryConcession 10, Lot 24
Port Loring CemeteryConcession 13, Lot 35
St. Mary's CemeteryConcession 14, Lot 34, Port Loring
St. Paul's United Church CemeteryConcession 9, Lot 2, Golden Valley, Highway 522
Nesbitt Farm Family Burial PlotBunny Trail, Arberg Area
Nobel United Church CemeteryVillage of Nobel, Highway 69
East Bear Lake CemeteryConcession 10, Lot 6, Off Highway 518 near village
Seguin Falls CemeteryConcession B, Lot 29
Nipissing United Church CemeteryConcession 9, Lot 13, Highway 534
North Himsworth
Rivers Family CemeteryConcession 22, Lot 6
Restoule CemeteryConcession 3, Lot 21, Highway 534
Emanuel United Church CemeteryConcession 10, Lot 14, Highway 518 and 11
Novar United Church CemeteryConcession 1, Lot 16, Novar
Savage Family Settlement CemeteryConcession 2, Lot 26
St. Mark's Anglican CemeteryConcession 10, Lot 15, Emsdale, Highway 518
Sand Lake United Church CemeteryConcession 5, Lot 14
St. Mary's Anglican Church CemeteryConcession 3, Lot 20, Sand Lake Road
Mithlothian Anglican CemeteryConcession 10, Lot 28, Highway 510 near Starrat
Midlothian Memorial CemeteryHighway 510 near Starrat
Royston CemeteryConcession 5, Lot 12
Ryerson Abandoned CemeteryConcession 11, Lot 27
Shawanaga Indian ReserveCemetery Off Highway 559
South Himsworth
Holiness Union CemeteryConcession 7, Lot 4, Himsworth Village, west of Highway 11
Sacred Heart CemeteryConcession 4, Lot 26, Trout Creek
St. Joseph's CemeteryConcession 13, Lot 20
Trout Creek United CemeteryConcession 3, Lot 28
Union CemeteryConcession 12, Lot 21
Methodist CemeteryConcession A, Lot 42. Near St. John's Cemetery at Dufferin Bridge on old Rosseau and Nipissing Road
Orange Valley Road CemeteryConcession 4, Lot 27
Spence CemeteryConcession A, Lot 74, On the Rosseau-Nipissing Road at Spence Hamlet
St. John's CemeteryConcession A, Lot 38, Dufferin Bridge on old Rosseau-Nipissing Road
Berridale CemeteryConcession 1, Lot 10
Pevency United Church CemeteryConcession 1, Lot 31
Pierre Memorial CemeteryConcession 1, Lot 10
Strong Community CemeteryConcession 11, Lot 22, Sundridge
Abandoned CemeteryConcession 11, Lot 43, Near Bying Inlet Highway 645 off Highway 69
Holy Family Roman Catholic CemeteryConcession 11, Lot 43, Britt