History of Parry Sound District

Wallbridge Township

Abandoned Cemetery

This cemetery has been neglected for many years and is overgrown with trees, tall grass and bushes. The stones have been knocked over, with some being broken. Those responsible for this cemetery need to get something done and clean up this burial place of some of the oldest settlers in the area. The Graves and Bigwood Lumber Company donated the land. There are only protestant burials here. This is one cemetery that should be looked into the care of by the Ontario Cemetery Board Yonge Street, Toronto.The Jonathan Ramesbottoms, McCaffeys and two McIsaacs one complete plot fenced with lilies growing. No markers. Deplorable state. The names were all on one stones.

Disclaimer! The following interments were taken from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were" which was printed in 1974. There are several errors in the book and does not show any burials after 1974. The following listing is only as accurate as the printed book and has not been updated since 1974.