History of Parry Sound District

Shawanaga Township

Shawanaga Indian Reserve Protestant Cemetery

The following quote was taken from "These Our Ancestors Were", 1974. Shawanaga Indian Reserve Protestant Cemetery is quite separate from the Roman Catholic Cemetery and is in much worse condition. One section is heavily infested with poison ivy. Our guide in this cemetery was Mr. Solomon Pawis, 79 years old. He was a veritable storehouse of information and had a notebook containing many dates and records. After leaving the cemetery, we went to his home where he looked up many items about persons in unmarked graves. There are some 18 to 20 wooden crosses, wooden slabs, stakes, etc. in various states of disrepair, with no names. There is one plot, no markers, with a low boundary fence.

Disclaimer! The following interments were taken from the book, "These Our Ancestors Were" which was printed in 1974. There are several errors in the book and does not show any burials after 1974. The following listing is only as accurate as the printed book and has not been updated since 1974.